It has been a weird winter here. Sure it gets chilly, but all things considered its nothing like our northern counterparts. Until this year the last time we had any significant “winter”was in 2010 when it snowed and stuck for a few hours. Two weeks ago there was a prediction of a huge ice storm that prompted us to stay a night in a hotel in case we lost power (we didn’t). My office closed for a day and a half and then hardly anything happened. So when another “winter storm” was predicted this week, I pretty much shrugged it off.

The freezing rain started early Wednesday morning (it was raining yes but the roads were fine) – schools were closed again and I asked my sister to watch the babies so I could go to work. 30 minutes before I left, we lost power. I left anyway figuring it would return. It didn’t. I dodged some tree branches and watched limbs start to hang closer to the road than they should. My office closed after 1:30 and not only did my house still not have power, but we also didn’t have cell signal. Bryan (who also stayed home) was only able to get a signal long enough to send a short email asking me to reserve a hotel room. I had tried a couple places in town but was met with only dead air. As it turns out, nearly the entire city (and many many places north of us) was without power. From the highway exit to my house, there was not a single functioning traffic light. I lost the cell signal in the process of making the hotel reservation. All the low hanging trees were covered in ice and taking out power lines. On the way to the hotel, we watched a branch spark against a power line.

We were without power for 36 hours. We ended up staying in a hotel two nights because even after it returned it was still too cold (the thermostat got to 50 degrees) for the babies to sleep at the house. It turned out to be quite the adventure. Abby didn’t mind though, because it meant more free pancakes and cinnamon apples.

Baby wise, Abby has now joined Miles in his quest for forward movement. Both are still army crawling, and Abby still just pivots the majority of the time, but she has successfully pulled up to standing from my knees several times and will stand at the activity table for several minutes and play unassisted. She also continues to imitate like crazy (mostly raspberries and random lip sound effects).

The babies also had their 9 month check up this week. Miles weighs in at 19lb 7 oz and is 28.25 inches long. Abby weighs in at 16lb 2oz and is 27 inches long. Miles is, on average, in the 50th percentile and Abby between 20-25th percentile. At this point in time Miles wears anywhere from 6-12 month clothes depending on the brand, and Abby 6-9 month, though the majority of her 9 month stuff is too big.

Picture time!

  • Unscheduled hotel stays equal hotel restaurant shenanigans
food, glorious food!
food, glorious food!
  • We are at said hotel in the first place because of this:
what doesn't belong?
what doesn’t belong?
something is askew here too
something is askew here too
  • Abby hangs out with daddy
I don't sleep but I cuddle real well
I don’t sleep but I cuddle real well
  • And celebrate 9 months away from home
why do hotels always have such ugly carpet?
why do hotels always have such ugly carpet?
  • Miles hangs out with mama while fighting a fever
Pocoyo makes me forget I don't feel well
Pocoyo makes me forget I don’t feel well
  • And, believe it or not, they still fit. Well, at least I can still button them
I'm the favorite
I’m the favorite

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