It’s funny how an injury can quickly turn a goal of running 6 half marathons in a year to hoping for a 5k in a couple of weeks and maybe the half marathon I’d been eyeing in April, originally planned half number 3 of the year.

So far in 2014 I’ve run 5 miles, and not even all at once.

Let me back up a bit. In my last update I’d just gotten the results and recommendations of the chiropractor and started showing diligently 3x a week for adjustments and time on the spinal decompression table in addition to stretches at home, waiting for the ok to do pretty much any kind of exercise that would raise my heart rate (walks, to me, don’t count). Finally, 4 weeks after that fateful run, I was given the ok to bike, walk (oops), and rollerblade (yes, I own and use rollerblades) with a promise that a run would come “soon”.

Last weekend was my first trial run. As excited as I was to have the ok I was a little nervous. This SI injury has caused way more  pain and discomfort than my broken toe and the fear of re-injuring it is probably going to be ingrained in the back of my mind.  Still, I laced up my shoes in preparation for 1.5 miles, with a promise to really focus on my body and form. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t fast, but it just felt nice to run again.

I still have to take it easy. I’ve run one treadmill mile and 2 outside today and while I don’t feel pain or discomfort, I can still tell that things aren’t back to normal yet, if that makes any sense. The chiropractor says my lower back is adjusting very well and even made mention of spacing out visits soon. Frankly, I’m just happy to feel almost back to normal again.

To be continued, and until then, one mile at a time.


** I want to add that while I haven’t acknowledged it yet, I have been nominated for a couple of blog awards that I very much appreciate and plan to post about soon! That, and a new toy/language post, once I can decide on a toy 😉