My age is starting to show.

Kidding. It would figure, though, that in my 10 years of running I’d never had an injury, but in the last 6 months I’ve had two. My broken toe wasn’t caused by running but it sure impacted my ability to do so. This time I’m honestly at a loss as to what is going on. All I know is that my butt hurts. (I wonder how many times I can use the word butt in this post…)

To give a brief background, I did two miles on the treadmill on Christmas as a new shoe test run. During that run my right butt cheek was a little sore. (I feel funny saying butt but the thought of using rear or glute sounds just as silly) When I was done though I didn’t notice anything so I didn’t think anything of it. Thursday I did a 6 mile speed work run. I remember feeling some random tingling twice in my left thigh, but no pain anywhere else. I felt great after the run, but noticed pain in my right butt cheek again later that day – enough to make me limp a little. I took Friday off and stretched well before Saturday’s 9 miler, figuring I’d pulled a muscle or just needed to loosen up some tight (butt) muscles. By the end of Saturday’s run, I could hardly walk, hurting mostly in that same area (butt, in case you forgot) and some in my lower back.

Monday I made last minute doc appt, where he poked and prodded my back and butt (ha) and determined I’d overused my pyriformis muscle – a small muscle (in the butt) under layers of larger ones and that happens to sit right over the sciatic nerve. He told me not to run for a week and start back with a couple miles on the treadmill where I’d have more cushioning, and stretch stretch stretch (stretch what, you ask? my butt).

The problem is, it’s been nearly 6 days later and I still can’t WALK without limping some, let alone run. The pain no longer occurs just in the pyriformis (aaaaand BUTT) area either, but also in my lower back on the right side, especially at the end of the day. Last night I twisted my waist laying on the couch and pain shot through my right lower back (not butt this time). After talking with my PT friend it seems that can be normal both from the tightness possibly shifting my SI joint and overcompensating in other areas.

After posting on my 2013 recap my realization that healing takes time, I still can’t help but feel frustrated that I’m out AGAIN.  This means no Charleston half in two weeks which I had planned as part of my 6 half marathon goal for the year. I’m not completely without a sense of humor about it though. So far I’ve managed to make a number of not really FUNNY but groaner jokes about pains in the butt, butt massages and nipping the problem in the butt. (HA)

So, until another two weeks (sigh) have gone by, expect more posts containing the word butt.

(Butt count: 18…not bad, but (butt?) I think I can do better)