As the babies get older I’m often asked if they interact with each other. They are indifferent for the most part. When we put them together sometimes they’ll touch, grab, or hold hands but I think its mostly accident. We sit them up facing each other and both will smile which of course we think is adorable. Still, though, they are only 6 months old (geez, almost 7) so their interaction is fairly limited.

I’ve started to think about how cool it will be that they have a built in playmate. I’ve imagined them sitting together speaking in their secret twin language; throwing blocks across the room while chuckling to themselves about the mess they’re making. I’ve started wondering what their future interactions would look like.

This past weekend after a nap Bryan had Abby on the bed, who was sucking on what is usually Miles’ pacifier. I was changing his diaper. I had picked up his legs to place the diaper underneath and he twisted himself to the side. In what Bryan jokingly refers to his first observation of “baby terror.ism” and what I swear is a first non-verbal MINE, he plucked the pacifier out of his sisters mouth and promptly plopped it into his own.

Oh brother.