Dear Abby and Miles,

I’m pretty sure I’ve rolled my eyes at these kinds of letters in the past and here I sit writing one of my own. You’ll get one at a year old and maybe every year after that if I’m lucky – even when you want to disown me as your mother when you turn 15. If you’re nice to me I’ll try to make that one less embarrassing. Just keep that in mind.

I digress.

You were born.

Why yes, we are adorable
Why yes, we are adorable

I blinked, and you turned 6 months old.

Happy half birthday (and yes, the outfit still fits him!)
Happy half birthday (and yes, the outfit still fits him!)

Today when I went in to wake you up, you were both already awake. You greeted me with two huge smiles that somehow manage to make me feel better even when I’m in the worst of moods. We played and you rolled around on your new foam mat. We ate breakfast and lunch together. I took your 6 month picture, and reflected on the whirlwind the past 6 months have been.

we are adorable
3 weeks old

As the months go by I realize more and more how blessed we are.

Could we be a any cuter?
2 months old

I sometimes think back on our journey through infertility with sadness. It was a long and difficult one. There were times when I thought I’d never have a family.

Happy Birthday Mama
Happy Birthday Mama – 3 months old

I’ve learned so much since you were born at yet feel like I still have so much to learn. The first 6 months went by so quickly that I plan to spend more time snuggling, snapping pictures and recording videos. I don’t want to forget.

Our babies rock the Coastal hats - 4 months old
Our babies rock the Coastal hats – 4 months old

As the last few weeks have gone by we have really started to see each of your personalities.

I am a bear. Grrr. (5 months old)
I am a bear. Grrr. (5 months old)

Miles – you are my laid back, fun loving giggly boy. The day care teachers are always talking about how much you laugh. You love the ladies. You love all of your toys, particularly things you can grab with your hands. You love to hang upside down. You weren’t a huge fan of food when we started but you’re warming up to it. You are almost always in a good mood.

Silly like my daddy
Silly like my daddy

Abby – you are my feisty, spunky, always need to move girl. You are much like me. You love to kick the piano but mostly prefer to be held. You LOVE food. When you don’t like something, you let us know. You like to scratch at surfaces with your fingernails and see yourself in the mirror. You don’t sit still long and your feet are almost always moving. You like to be thrown in the air. You have a beautiful smile.

Don't be fooled, I'm feisty like mommy
Don’t be fooled, I’m feisty like mommy

I may think about our journey with sadness sometimes, but I would do it all over again. I’m so excited to learn more about each of you and watch you both grow up.

Just don’t grow up too fast, ok?

6 months, the REAL picture
6 months, the REAL picture