While I enjoy the alone time during runs, when they start to get higher in the mileage (usually 12 or above), I really prefer some company if I can find it. Two years ago my buddy Lynnsey (who I met at Dick’s sporting goods – story on that here) was training for half while I trained for the full and did some long runs with me. This year, the situations are reversed and I’m able to return the favor. This past Saturday (yeah I’m a little late) I bumped myself up to 12 miles and jumped in after the first 3 of her 15.

After last weeks’ serious reflections on solo long runs, today I write about the lighter side with a list.

Top 10 Reasons Running is Better With a Buddy:

1. Company makes the miles fly by

2. You have someone to cover you if you need to make a pit stop in the woods

3. Getting eyeballed by a guy on a moped feels slightly less creepy

4. You don’t get deer-in-the-headlights look when you ask “do you ever get this weird pain in your shoulder/back/arm?”. In the same sense you also don’t get that look while you randomly and awkwardly try to stretch your arm while you run

5. Running = instant and easy that’s what she said jokes. Buddy = someone to laugh at them

6. Free therapy

7. It’s pretty good alone, but its better with a buddy*

8. Someone to take really stupid pictures with

Funny Faces

crazy face 2

9. Someone else gets why your most expensive pair of shoes are for running and why you won’t spend money to go out but don’t think twice about dropping $85 for a race fee

10. Running buddies often become awesome friends

*Bonus points for a…you guessed it…that’s what she said

With five weeks left to the race I don’t have a real plan as far as training goes. I may make 12 my longest run, I may decide to up it to 13 or 14. I’m planning to run 4 days a week, cross train one day and do either speed or hill work at least once a week. On the plus side, the broken toe doesn’t seem to have slowed progress at all – in fact (probably due to a months worth of consistent ab work) I feel even stronger, which is awesome.

Take that, bouncy seat.

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