Finally folks – today is the big day. My final foot followup (there’s some alliteration for you). It’s been six weeks (dang, already?) since I tripped over the dreaded bouncy seat and turned my precious pinky toe in another, totally awkward direction. Today is the day, I hope, that I am released to go on long runs again…because I registered for a half marathon in 7 weeks.

Naturally, I did not wait the full 6 weeks before stepping outside in my running shoes again, however, the doc DID say that I was allowed to get back in slowly during the 6th week. I might have stopped listening, though, when he described what slowly meant. I think I heard the word “run”  and “yes” in the same sentence and the rest of my auditory system shut down.

Last week Wednesday I tried 3 miles alone.

Thursday I took the babies for their first run and did a 5 minute/1 minute run/walk with the stroller.

Saturday I pushed it a bit and went 5 miles, and felt so good that I ran the last mile in 7:58!

Sunday I ran 3 miles again, and felt so good I did it at an 8:00/mile pace!

Monday I cross trained

Today I did 4 miles on the dread mill

Yes, I realize that doesn’t sound much like slowly. I had good intentions. I stayed away from long runs at least. The best part was no toe pain at all!

So as I can finally say I’m officially recovered from my first (lame) injury, here are a 10 things I’ve learned:

1. Injuries suck.

2. Bouncy seats are dangerous and should come with warnings, and maybe flashing lights.

3. It’s better to stick with the made up story (I broke my toe parachuting) than the real one.

4. My core muscles were still pretty weak – I spent 5 weeks doing a core workout after every workout (and I’ve been slacking again, bad me) and think this is actually helping me get my speed back.

5. Bootshoes also suck.

6. Bootshoes do not compliment dresses.

7. Actually, bootshoes don’t compliment much of anything at all.

8. Bike rides can be pretty cool, though bike rides in bootshoes look pretty humorous.

9. The injury forced me to delay the half, but allowed me to run one I haven’t run before. I do look forward to that.

10. It’s good to be back!

And here we go!