I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure how much I remember about the past couple weeks, mostly because they basically consisted of one thing: sickness. We knew the babies would probably be sick often since starting daycare, but we didn’t expect the house to become what I like to call the viral plague.

Here is what I do remember.

Babies caught colds first.

Bryan caught something second. He had it for 5 days.

I caught it last and 7 days later its still not totally gone. BUT it finally seems like we are all starting to clear up again.

In my own news, I ran my longest run (before I broke my toe) at 12 miles on an awesome cool day and kept up a pace 20 seconds per mile faster than the 11 miler two weeks previously. I can’t even remember the work outs for the rest of the week because at this point it seems ages ago and at this point I haven’t even exercised in over a week. No more Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon. 😦 Only 5 more weeks of healing to go.

On the baby front, the coolest milestone is Miles rolled from back to front. I missed it happening but realized what had happened when I heard him fussing and realized he was on his stomach. Go buddy! Abby hasn’t done it yet but she’s very close.

Well that was just about the lamest update ever so onto the fun stuff:

  • Miles is a  bathroom ghost
Boo, I'm cute
Boo, I’m cute
  • Abby enjoys an after breakfast snack
Mmm bib
Mmm bib
  • We take a couple of pre sick selfies
I eat my hand
I eat my hand
  • Abby is already fighting for the mirror
What? I needed to see myself
What? I needed to see myself
  • Babies turn 4 months old. Taking their monthly photo starts becoming more and more interesting. This month I end up with a series of outtakes…..
Who's looking at the camera?
Who’s looking at the camera?
  • Before I end up with the real one
Mommy needs to stop picking a favorite
Mommy needs to stop picking a favorite
  • And yes, believe it or not, he still fit in the shirt.
  • Babies visit the doc for 4 month check up and shots.
Miles 15lb 10oz Abby  11lb 14 oz
Miles 15lb 10oz
Abby 11lb 14 oz
  • Shots are a bit harder on both mom AND babies this time.
  • Both babies are declared healthy!
  • Miles is a ham
One look at me and you'll pick me as the favorite
One look at me and you’ll pick me as the favorite

Run stats (pre injury)

  • Fastest mile 7:20
  • Longest run 12 miles
  • Fastest 5k 25:45
  • Weeks till I can run again: 5

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