So, remember this picture?

This is my handicapped face
This is my handicapped face

When I race I like to take pictures. And I like to take a good one and a silly one, usually. This was one of the silly ones I asked my running buddy to pose for after my Comeback 5k, with instructions to make a silly face. Instructions that he did not follow. No matter, I thought, its still a funny picture, and gave me an opportunity to make fun of him for not listening to directions in the first place. He shared this blog post on his Facebook, and because it was the last picture I took, it happened to be the one that popped up when I posted the blog.

A long run was planned for this morning and last night I got a text from him saying “remind me in the morning to tell you about running with the handicapped”. Ok, I thought, there must be a race coming up raising money for handicapped kids or adults. Or maybe he had an experience running with a handicapped person that he wanted to share. I’ve run the Sweat’n For A Reason race twice,  have gotten my butt kicked by a guy with prosthetic legs, and wrote about how in awe I was of his motivation in a blog post once, so I thought maybe it was an experience like that.

Little did I know, he was talking about me.

I can’t recall exactly how the story went because i was too busy laughing, but apparently they were talking to his wife’s family about all of his running, and someone said something to the effect of “I see he is running with the handicapped, too!” She apparently also asked “what is wrong with her?”.

If she only knew.

So anyway, I’m mostly sticking to the training plan I set up for myself, though last week I did not do a long run. This was partly because Bryan was unable to watch the babies and partly because I was exhausted from cruddy sleep all week. I ran 8 miles between Saturday and Sunday and counted it as a long run in my head. Then I did:

Monday: cross training – I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and some abs

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 6 mile run outside where I was chased down by rock throwing zombies in my Zombies, Run! app (1:00:17)

Thursday: 4.2 mile speedwork run on treadmill where I was chased down by zombies in the dead city in attempt to collect electronics. (35:21)

Friday: off

Saturday: was supposed to run but since Bryan was home went for a 10 mile bike ride instead (39 minutes roughly)

Sunday: 12 mile run with my friend who runs with the handicapped (1:59:13).

This is how we do it
This is how we do it