Let’s start with this weeks’ big adventure.

So last week I mentioned that the babies caught their first colds. Tuesday morning rolls around and I awaken to what sounds like a barking baby seal coming out of the monitor. I’ve never had it, the babies have never had it, no kid I ever watched had it but I still immediately knew someone had croup. Either that or someone broke into my house in the middle of the night and replaced one of my human babies with a seal. When I went to check on the babies there were still two human babies in the cribs so my guess that it was croup remained in place. Bryan said he had it many times as a kid and that typically what happens is you sound better in the morning and worse in the middle of the night. Unfortunately by the morning feed Miles actually sounded worse and was not only coughing but had noisy breathing. I stayed home from work on what was supposed to be their first day of day care, left Abby with my parents who were in town and took him to the doctor.

I left the house at 8:15 am (this will become significant later), the doc confirmed that was croup and recommended a breathing treatment – except I needed to go to the hospital for it because she didn’t feel comfortable giving a child under the age of 1 a treatment in the office.


Because it wasn’t an emergency (his oxygen and respiratory rate were normal) and I was hungry, I ran through the Burger King drive through for some food on the way. While waiting to pay I felt something fly in the car and hit me in the back. A quick turn around revealed nothing so I thought maybe whatever it was flew into the car, hit me, and flew back out. So I reached for my wallet and there was a wasp on my arm. A really big wasp. No seriously, a freaking huge mother of a wasp. On my arm. While trapped in my car. Crawling on me. Ohmygod. I turned slowly and attempted to flick it out the window, but instead it went the other direction and began crawling up the passengers side windshield. I opened the window in hopes it would fly out to freedom. It didn’t. I stared at it, willing it to fly out the window. It didn’t. I grabbed a folder and gently guided it out the window, where it flew away.


So anyway we get to the ER where I sign in and am immediately chastised by the lady for my food. Put that down, she says, you’re carrying too much and no one is going to eat it. I’m not worried about that, I counter, explaining why we were there…you know for my NON EMERGENCY breathing treatment that my doc just didn’t want to do in the office? After he’s weighed I take him and my stuff (including my food) back and apparently the lady just can’t help herself and comments that I just can’t leave my McDonalds. Are you kidding me? What I want to do is tell her to mind her own $&#* business but what I say is that I’m breastfeeding and haven’t had breakfast yet.

I spend the rest of the visit paranoid I’m being judged about my food.

Anyway so he gets his treatment and decides he’s hungry. I feed him while waiting on our script for steroids and breathing treatments at home, figuring I’d be home soon to either feed Abby or pump. This was at 11am. What actually happened is I went to three different pharmacies trying to get said scripts and a nebulizer machine and by 1pm I’m standing in line at CVS with my arms over my chest trying to cover the drastic difference in boob size.

On the plus side, he’s all better now.

Onto the bullets:

  • Miles keeps one eye open
I'm keeping an eye on you
I’m keeping an eye on you
  • Abby takes after her daddy
Look ma, I'm watching the tube
Look ma, I’m watching the tube
  • I run my fastest single mile at 7:20. Hey, progress is progress.
  • Sleep continues to be hit or miss.
  • Part of the problem is because well, we have two babies.
  • Mom and Abby hang out
Kisses for the misses
Kisses for the misses
  • Then she demands her own bath close up
This one will make me famous
This one will make me famous
  • Miles says “back is for babies”
I prefer my side, thanks
I prefer my side, thanks
  • I still have not ordered the jogging stroller,but I have lost two auctions on EBay
  • Miles drools like its his job
  • And of course, Miss Abby is sweet as ever
Could I be any cuter?
Could I be any cuter?

Run Stats:

Fastest single mile: 7:20

Longest run: 11 miles

Fastest 5k: 25:45

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