I’m generally a horrible relaxer. Throw me some free time and I spend half of it cleaning, or if I don’t, I spend half the lounging time feeling guilty about not cleaning.

The babies started day care last week and while eventually the plan is for me to work 3 full days, the caseload just isn’t there right now so I only work a few hours on Wednesdays. Since Bryan works right across the street and we are paying for it anyway, he takes the babies to day care for the full day. This means that, at least for the next few weeks, I have a few hours to myself every Wednesday. After spending all my time recently juggling babies and cleaning, laundry and exercising it seemed my options were endless…..well, as endless as they could be considering I still have to pump every 3 hours. I could sleep all morning, I could watch episode after episode of Gilmore Girls, I could blog until my hearts content, I could run and run and run.

Naturally I didn’t.

You know how you see those TV episodes where mom finds herself alone in the house for a few hours? She has these grand plans of a luxurious bath while reading half a novel followed by a 2 hour movie and then a nap? But somehow she gets distracted and ends up cleaning the entire house in a fury?

I thought of that today while I washed out the vacuum canister.

It wasn’t all bad though. I went for a 6 mile run this morning, took a shower, had my coffee and pop tarts. I washed and folded two loads of laundry, cleaned the vacuum, vacuumed the floors, cleaned out the coffee maker, unladed and loaded the dishwasher, attempted a nap, took a picture of the giant shrimp Bryan had shipped here per his request (don’t ask), all while watching Gilmore Girls in the background until I pulled a plug with the vacuum attachment while attempting to rid the area behind the TV of cobwebs. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to in my head but somehow I managed to get a few things done and relax a bit in the meantime.S Strangely I feel somewhat recharged.

As I sit here now in front of my laptop, pumping, I think to myself that I have a much bigger issue than the un mopped floors and piles of baby clothes left unsorted (all left for tomorrow, or maybe next Wednesday). I just described a morning of cleaning, showering and eating as somewhat relaxing.

I am horribly lame.

Oh well πŸ™‚