This was a sleepy week for me. As I mentioned last week, I thought I felt the inklings of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. Basically what happens is that babies transition from newborn sleep to more adult sleep. Newborns are able to fall into a deep sleep right away, but around the age of 3-5 months they start to sleep like adults, falling into a light sleep before the deep sleep. What this means is that it is easier to wake them either as they are falling asleep or as they transition into a new sleep cycle. I thought maybe it was too early since 4 months was still over two weeks away but apparently any time between months 3-5 is fair game. At least we can get it over with. So far it’s mostly Miles waking, but you know how it can be with two – one wakes up and screams and then so does the other.

Another thing that doesn’t seem to be helping sleep is that we are CONSTANTLY breaking out of swaddles. The solution to that to be shown in the bullets. (Helloooo Merlin Magic Sleep Suit). We also have our first colds this week, and, much to the babies dismay, begin liberal use of the hospital nose sucker. We haven’t even started day care yet so the fact that we’ve already picked up a cold makes me a bit nervous.

I officially register for my 6th Half Marathon and complete my longest run to date post babies: 11 hot, sweaty and freakishly humid miles. Oh my God is it time for fall yet?

Miles also rolls from belly to back this week! It happens twice and then doesn’t happen again. Lucky for him I got it on video. Abby is FINALLY showing some strides in Operation: Stop Spitting Up, but only if we take 15 minutes to burp her. Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Now for the fun stuff:

  • In an attempt for more sleep for everyone, we turn babies into colorful marshmallows
Stay puffed twins
Stay puffed twins
  • Miles thinks its cool because it makes him look all muscle-y and stuff
The Hulk's got nothing on me
The Hulk’s got nothing on me
  • We try out our off brand bumbo seat
I'm one cool chick
I’m one cool chick
Who needs toys when you have hands?
Who needs toys when you have hands?
  • Watching them sit in this makes me excited about the idea of putting them into the jogging stroller soon!
  • Except I should probably order it first.
  • That might help, huh?
  • As a fun interlude – Charlie gets ahold of a mug that had chocolate ice cream in it and later we discover this:
I didn't eat it, I swear
I didn’t eat it, I swear
  • My fancy new watch keeps track of this weeks’ run, and makes me wish I had gotten one much sooner
11 miles down!
11 miles down!
  • Abby is cute. Like this is new news.
Hi, I'm pretty
Hi, I’m pretty
  • Miles wants a close up too, so I take one so he won’t be jealous
Next time I WILL get all the attention
Next time I WILL get all the attention
  • Then he shows off his fashionable bath wear
  • And daddy decides its fun to shove us both in the same swing
M: What's up with this guy? A: Your guess is as good as mine
M: What’s up with this guy?
A: Your guess is as good as mine

Run Stats:

Fastest 5K: still 25:45

Fastest single mile: still 7:30

Longest run: 11 miles

Number of times my running parter makes fun of my old woman sports bra: 2 (in all fairness, its pretty ridiculous)

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