Another relatively boring week for the twins this week. It was really a more exciting week for me, actually. I don’t really even have much to say paragraph wise so I’m just gonna jump straight to the bullets.

  • It was a big week, running wise. I “celebrated” the last day of my 30th year with my first post twins 10 mile run. My running buddy uses his new fangled fancy Garmin watch to tell us we finished it in 1:44:14.
  • I can tell my body isn’t fully recovered, because around mile 8 I start to get pain around my c- section scar. Cutting into muscles and all that I suppose had to do with it. 🙂
  • I turn 31 this week.
  • Abby shares her milk with me for my birthday. I insist this isn’t necessary today. She disagrees.
  • Last minute present shopping turns out to be helpful for me as I mention the “cool-ness” of the fancy Garmin watch and suddenly I am the owner of one the next day on my birthday. I also get a hybrid bike. I can’t wait to try them out.
  • I officially register for my comeback 5k
  • I also officially consider myself a huge nerd because I am way more excited about a bike and a GPS watch than I EVER would be about jewelry.
  • We take a cute sentimental pic of myself and the babies against the same wall we used to take each weeks’ pregnancy update picture
Happy Birthday Mama
Happy Birthday Mama
  • We introduce the lovey. They each have different responses to it.
I have a monkey
I have a monkey
I kick a monkey
I kick a monkey
  • We take a trip to Publix to go grocery shopping with the babies. We realize near the end of the transaction that we need more pacifiers. (seriously, its like the sock monster – where do they GO??). In my rush I grab a pack and throw them to Bryan, but accidentally toss them at an angle and smack nearby cashier on the head.
  • Oops.
  • Did you know that pretzels aren’t just for eating?
I am a pretzel walrus. Beware the pretel walrus.
I am a pretzel walrus. Beware the pretzel walrus.
  • Miles flashes his “I’m adorable” look after waking up early from a nap
Don't hate me because I'm adorable
Don’t hate me because I’m adorable

Running Stats!

  • Longest distance: 10 miles
  • Fastest single mile: 7:30
  • Fastest 5k: 25:45

ALSO, if you’ll notice to the right of my blog a little pic and link that says “I’m in the top mommy blogs” – CLICK IT! I’m trying to work my way up the list of cool multiples blogs so I can become famous and stuff.