12 weeks is about the time I feel like I ought to stop referring to the twins’ ages in weeks vs months (on a related topic – how are they almost 3 months already?). We continue to see more and more personality each week. We visited a friend with 14 month (I think) old boy/boy twins. Only one was awake so we didn’t attempt a picture together, though in all honesty it probably would have been a huge fail anyway. Bryan’s parents also came up from Florida to visit for a few days. I enjoyed having the company. They, of course, enjoyed spending time with their grand babies πŸ™‚

My poor sister celebrated the week by discovering her newly rented apartment was flea infested and ended up spending more time cleaning and searching for a new place to live than she was able to spend setting up anything.

Merin (the friend with twins mentioned above) let us borrow this cute piano toy that Abby LOVES to kick. Perhaps we have a little musician/dancer in our midst. She continues to spit up, unsurprisingly. Miles follows behind her messiness by drooling more and blowing spit bubbles. Its soon to be permanent bib wearing by everyone (myself included) around here. I’m now getting really good at interpreting their cries. Miss Abby has a clear “pay attention to me” cry and one that I refer to as “zero to apocalypse” – meaning suddenly she has decided he is STARVINGRIGHTNOW!!!

Both babies continue to sleep in 5-7 hour stretches. Hallelujah. I can handle waking up once to feed. More that that was starting to wear on me.

Running wise I took an off week this week from a long distance as I am planning a 10 miler (!) this coming weekend. That should be interesting. I started incorporating some speed work in and have discovered, at least for the summertime, that I am starting to dislike the treadmill less than I used to. It’s good for speed work. I did two 3.5 mile runs starting with a 5 minute warm up at a 10 min/mile pace and then alternating a 7:30 min/mile for 2 min and 10 min/mile for one minute for 25 min followed by a cool down. It’s a nice challenging workout that I can keep up with (usually) while the babies nap so I can also shower before miss A begins “zero to apocalypse”. πŸ™‚

I write that part first because I know most of you are really here for the pictures and witty tidbits (ha):

  • Once Upon A Child is becoming my second Target because I can’t manage to go in there without spending at least $50. I go there this week to get a few sleepers and books and find that I can’t pass up the bright pink tutu.
I'm a pretty pretty princess
I’m a pretty pretty princess
  • Seriously? Those shoe shocks are the cutest things ever.
  • Because I’m a mean mom who feels I just might need ammo for future blackmail, I put Miles in it too
I'm the prettiest pretty princess
I’m the prettiest pretty princess
  • I sneakily took a picture of Bryan with the tutu on his head (that I placed there) while he napped but the dork got ahold of my phone and deleted it.
  • He is officially no fun.
  • Miss Abby makes mama happy by showing interest in music
I will be so talented I will play the piano with my feet!
I will be so talented I will play the piano with my feet!
  • You may notice the presence of both the bib around her neck AND the burp cloth behind her head. Yeah.
  • I prepare to burp Abby
What? This isn't normal?
What? This isn’t normal?
  • I think babies are in cahoots.
Pssst....hey Miles - no one has pooped yet today. I'll go up the back and you out the sides, ok?
Pssst….hey Miles – no one has pooped yet today. I’ll go up the back and you out the sides, ok?
  • Miles shares his selection of fashionable hats
Not just for keeping nipples clean
Not just for keeping nipples clean
No fair ma, I'm sleeping and you put stupid stuff on my head
No fair ma, I’m sleeping and you put stupid stuff on my head

This weeks running stats:

Longest distance:Β  8.3 miles

Fastest 5k: 25:45

Fastest single mile: 7:30

If you’ll excuse me, Abby is “zero to apocalypse” – ing.