A couple big things happened this week to make up for last weeks boring-ness (yes, I know that isn’t a real word).

First, my sister made her official move down and is now a permanent resident of South Carolina. This also means that the babies got to visit with Grandma and Grandpa again. I appreciated this visit not only to see family but because I got 3 nights of sleep that required me only to get up once to pump for 10-15 minutes. So far I got one family member to move down here with me, only two more to go 🙂

I also returned to work this week. I’m almost certain I would have felt differently if I had been returning full time, but since I’m only working part time I was ready to go back. The first trip to my friends was quite the adventure because it required me to take all the (baby) things along with me: milk, bottles, play mat, pack and play, boppy, swaddles, blankets etc. I’ll admit leaving them was harder than I expected but the fact that I HATE being late kept me from lingering too long. With a few (literally) days of work back under my belt I have to say that part time was a smart decision for me and I am so glad I have that option.

As for the babies (because I know thats why anyone really reads this thing–

Miss Abby has started grabbing objects on the playmat more. Both have started drooling, though Miles more than Abby. We can see clear amusement when they are doing something they enjoy. Miles has started blowing spit bubbles. They’ve started giggling and though its not full on belly laughs its still freakishly cute. And most notably they made us very happy by sleeping a 5-7 hour stretch at night ALL WEEK LONG — until the next growth spurt hits I’m sure. I have to say though that I wonder if they already went through it because I went to get them up one morning after several wake ups and I SWORE they looked bigger.

On my end I impressed myself by running not only an 8.3 mile long run but also 1.5 miles at a steady 7:30 pace. I am really excited that this transition back to running has been easier than I feared. I haven’t registered yet but am now seriously planning to run the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon (half) on October 20.

Now for THE fun.

  • Family visiting means lots of snuggles
This is the life
This is the life
Don't forget mama
Don’t forget mama
Snuggling with jazz hands is a special talent
Snuggling with jazz hands is a special talent
  • Miss Abby gets a head start on the method with which she is going to use to get all the things
First, rings. Next, mommys wallet
First, rings. Next, mommys wallet
  • We unwillingly pose for the camera
How long do you think she's gonna make us sit here? I'm hungry
How long do you think she’s gonna make us sit here? I’m hungry
  • I get a picture of what will probably be the only time they’ll help with the laundry
GOOOO laundry!
GOOOO laundry!
Mom. Seriously. I'm sitting on your underwear
Mom. Seriously. I’m sitting on your underwear
  • And I sent them off to the sitters in cutesy matchy matchy outfits
Be careful mom, people might thing we're identical
Be careful mom, people might think we’re identical

This weeks run stats (yay!)

Total Miles: 12.5

Fastest Mile: 7:30

Longest Distance: 8.3 miles