Yeaaaaaaaaaaah so I’m cheating a little and combining weeks. The computer fix took longer than anticipated and since we are on a new week anyway I figured why not kill two birds with one stone.

So. Week 8. Unfortunately I don’t remember that much at this point but lets see what I can do.

Sleep is still inconsistent but we are getting a few nights where babies are going 4 to 5 hours at a stretch between feedings. I’m FINALLY able to get a little video of Miss Abigail cooing and “talking”. We celebrate the 4th of July at a friends house. Low key – just a cookout, and we head home before the fireworks even start so we can get the babies and ourselves to bed. Oh how things have changed πŸ™‚ We get a TON of rain this week that floods some of the streets in our neighborhood and Bryan spends a couple days at home which is nice. We get a visit from our favorite fertility clinic nurse and her twins. We start what may become a tradition of IHOP on Sundays with the babies and we are instantly the main attraction. Babies are tolerating a bit more tummy time. Miss Abby finds her hands and starts sucking on them periodically. I run 4 miles consecutively this week and run a 30:09 5k.

Now onto the fun stuff:

  • Taking twins to IHOP qualifies us for immediate candidacy to become local celebrities
We attract all the people We attract all the people
  • Abigail fights against gender stereotypes (and looks awfully cute doing so)
Girls can wear blue, too Girls can wear blue, too
  • Miles expresses his true feelings about his father
I mean when you know, you know I mean when you know, you know
  • Mom still wants to eat Mostly bad food
  • Mom buys babies their first official bedtime story
Seriously Seriously
  • Babies “enjoy” some post bath tummy time
That toy is NOT distracting us from this torture, mom. That toy is NOT distracting us from this torture, mom.
  • Miles gets fresh
Pimpin' aint' easy Pimpin’ aint’ easy

This weeks’ running stats (I can’t remember any of the other stuff I usually put in here):

  • Longest run: 4 miles
  • Best 5k time: 30:09

Week 9

Holy shit ya’ll. I blinked and they are two months old. Didn’t we JUST get these pictures taken:

awwwww awwwww

I realized this week that breastfeeding is just now starting to become enjoyable – not that I hated it before but I’m finally really getting used to The Boobs, the milk sprays and everything else that comes with it. I think it also helps that we are down to about 6 feedings a day vs 8-10. On that note, we have actually had a few nights where the babies have gone 7-8 hours between feedings at night. Unfortunately my body isn’t used to the long break and I’m still getting up to pump regardless. Fun. The reflux pillow we ordered Miss Abby comes in the mail and its size is quite comical. It helps with night spit ups a little but nothing significant. They are most awake in the mornings and can spend up to a half hour just making noises and non purposefully swatting at the toys on the playmat. Miles has started smiling more often when he sees us and Miss Abby is doing so more as well. They are starting to get cranky if I don’t pay attention to them while they are awake. Its ok though because its a reminder that this time is short and I need to spend more of it interacting with them and less of it cleaning the house.

Onto the bullets:

  • We had our 2 month checkup. Miss Abby weighs in at 10lbs even, almost doubling her lowest weight at 6 days old (5lb 4oz). Mr Miles is a chunky monkey and weighs in at a whopping 12lb7oz, already doubling his lowest weight (6lb5oz). Miles is 23 inches long and Abby is 22. Both are moving up on the size chart – he is in the 75% for weight (ha) and she is at 25%.
  • Mom runs 5 miles consecutively!
  • I apparently start referring to myself as mom.
  • That is weird.
  • Aunt Audri visits us!
    <img src="" class="size-medium wp-image-2081" width="300" height="300" alt="We We ❀ Audri
    • Oh no, bullet fail.
    • I am too lazy to fix it.
    • I make the babies work on fine motor skills
    MOM! Get these stupid rings out of my hands. Can't you see I'm relaxing? MOM! Get these stupid rings out of my hands. Can’t you see I’m relaxing?
    This pillow is silly and so are these rings This pillow is silly and so are these rings. Also? This bib does NOT match my outfit
    • Mr Quinn visits and holds us
    I am the holder of the babies! Well, baby I am the holder of the babies! Well, baby
    • I’m not usually into matchy matchy outfits, but I couldn’t resist:
    • Could we be a any cuter? Could we be a any cuter? (no)
      • Bullet fail number 2.
      • Yes, still too lazy to fix it.
      • Lastly, man – can you believe how much we’ve grown?
    • 1 month vs 2 months My mom thinks Abby is going to become a cheerleader. NO.
  • This Week By The Numbers:
  • Consecutive miles run: 5
  • Shortest 5k time: 28:45
  • Total miles: 10
  • Pounds left to lose: back up to 7. I blame the junk food. (but its SO yummy)
  • Number of stupid things said by strangers: 3 (most namely “good luck”)