Hey I’m still keeping up with this! Woo hoo! ( I want to though so I at least have some form of a journal/memories of the early days )

I had a couple rougher days this week, which I wrote about in my Honest Thoughts About Motherhood. 

The biggest frustration has been about breastfeeding – and so I decided that it was time to nip it in the bud (bonus points if you got my pun just now), pull out my wallet and have a Lactation Consultant come tomorrow.  On the plus side I have found a nursing position that seems to result in fewer eye sprays – so there’s that. And apparently per the LC – consults are mandated to be covered by insurance thanks to Obama’s Healthcare Act – pumps too! (just an FYI for those who may need that info). I am excited to see what kind of advice she can offer.

On a more positive note, I simply cannot believe that twins are 4 weeks old today. They are awake more often now and seem to be taking well to the Babywise schedule (no, I do not make a hungry baby wait the full 3 hours to eat if one is hungry before then, just in case you were wondering – I  use it as a base but allow for flexibility) which is nice for me because it generally means only a couple of nights feeds most nights.

So anyway, onto the fun stuff:

  • This week, we read our first book (bad me, I know).  My pupils seem less than enthused:
    Beware twins' future teachers
    Beware twins’ future teachers
    • Miles starts making super cute cooing noises while he sits in this bouncy chair. Numerous attempts to catch this on video are foiled because apparently he is camera shy.
    • Miles has his own opinions about tummy time

      Tummy time is bullshit, yo
      Tummy time is bullshit, yo
    • I buy new running shoes. Two weeks till I can run again.
    • Miles sports his first milk mustache.
      Sorry buddy, mommy ate the cookies
      Sorry buddy, mommy ate the cookies
      • The fact that these bullets aren’t formatting correctly is pissing me off
      • I put away all my maternity clothes – and not because I can fit into all my old clothes. The maternity clothes are too big and most of my old stuff too small so I took a trip to Goodwill and bought bottoms for my new in between size. Here I find a pair of Lucky brand jeans. Win.
      • I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket.
      • Babies strike a pose
        We are PTFO (passed the F*ck out)
        We are PTFO (passed the F*ck out)
        • Extra bonus points if you started singing the song referenced two points up.
        • Visits to stores take twice as long, and not because I have to load up two babies but because we are stopped by all.the.people who seem to have never seen twins before.
          No, they are NOT identical
          No, they are NOT identical
          • I start to understand that people aren’t kidding when they say they grow up so fast.

    This week by the numbers:

  • Oh hey the bullets are formatted again. Asshole bullets.
  • Mommy breakdowns: several all in the same day
  • “Are those twins??”: seriously? I lost count.
  • Pees caught by hand: 2 (for me)
  • Grandma gender mix-ups: 5 (ish)
  • Dollars MIL owes me so far for apologizing too much: 3