A big fail this week on keeping up with my usual 2x per week blogging.

Babies are 3 weeks old already. There is something about not working that makes all dates run together. At some point I missed the transition from May to June – and today is already June 5.

Emotionally this was a better week. Knowing they were both growing well allowed me to get rid of a lot of the guilt about the bottles and much of the worry about whether they are getting enough to eat. Well, more about Miss Abby. Mr. Miles is turning into a chunky monkey and all you have to do is look at him to know he’s putting on weight. I’ve still had to feed individually most times because the milk lets down with such force oftentimes that babies get sprayed in the face and/or cough while eating. I’ve been told this will regulate itself eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I think the babies are tired of giving me popeye eye after being squirted in the middle of the night. (Ack mom, that goes in my mouth – not my eye) I downloaded an app to keep track of diapers, feeds, and sleeping. I  used it for 2 days and then quit. It was too time consuming, the babies poop and pee ALL DAY so I know they are hydrated and I figured watching their cues rather than the clock to figure out when they are full is probably a smarter way to go about feeds anyway. We started a schedule this week following the Babywise book so they are eating every 2.5-3 hours with some wake time during the day followed by nap. We are a bit fussy at night which is annoying at the time but in retrospect really not too terrible.

Bryan and I  have been able to get out a couple times for a couple hours which has been nice. I miss him while he is at work though and sleeping in the same bed – well in a bed period. The couch is ok but its not our bed!

This weeks fun firsts:

  • Miss Abby gets a wicked sore bum. This is not a fun first. Poor baby girl.
  • My parents come back down to visit and my dad attempts his first swaddle:

    That part is not a hood
    That part is not a hood
  • We have our first tub bath:

    we are clean
    we are clean
  • We pay a visit to the fertility clinic and make the doc strike a pose with the babies:

    My doctor knocked me up
    My doctor knocked me up
  • Miles grows out of newborn diapers we think – at least at night. He pees himself, his clothes, the swaddle and the bassinet sheet 3 nights in a row.
  • Miles has his first epic spitup that makes me wonder if he actually kept anything down. Luckily this is not a regular occurrence for him.
  • After becoming annoyed with my milk letdown making it difficult to tandem nurse and commenting about that on Twitter – a follower laughs at twin mom’s “crazyboobs” at which point I decide to lovingly name mine Betty and Sally Mc Crazyboobs. I should have named one Dolly after Dolly Parton.
  • We take our first trip downtown with the babies in their baby wearing carriers. I forget to take a picture of this. Fail.
  • I find stretch marks. Boo.
  • I willingly catch pee in my hand in the middle of the night – 3 changes in a row.

This Week by the Numbers:

  • Number of people who commented on our twins while downtown: OMG everyone
  • Number of hand caught pees: 3
  • Number of pounds left to lose: 8-9. At this point I have a feeling its going to stay this way until I can exercise again.
  • Number of semi-breakdowns: 3-4 ( I think)
  • Number of times the babies poop: OMG everytime.
  • Number of diapers we estimate we’ve gone through in the last 3 weeks: over 400. Yes, you read that right. FOUR HUNDRED.
we are adorable
we are adorable