Yeah, so that whole day by day thing I did last week? So not gonna happen. I like how that format died after all of one week. All of the dates are running together at this point and up until yesterday I think I’ve been writing 5/25 on my frozen breast milk for the last 3 days. One day I’ll look back on that stash of 5/25 milk and wonder what kind of milk production steroids I was on that day.

All in all week two of the babies’ lives has gone pretty well. Babies have started eating more frequently and have periods where they are both more alert . I have been more emotional lately, getting upset over small things and then feeling stupid about it.  I’ll admit that for 2-3 days I felt really overwhelmed by all the breast feeding involved in twins mostly because I was feeling guilty about allowing them to have bottles. I felt on edge about them gaining weight because they had continued to lose a few ounces the first week – even while knowing that is all normal and having the doc reassure me we were doing great. There has been some guilt too surrounding feeling overwhelmed at all and I know that comes from our infertility history – knowing that others out there would trade for my overwhelmed feelings in a heartbeat. It is a strange and difficult place to be in sometimes – and a topic for another post I plan on later.

Our list of interesting firsts that happened at some point or another in the last week:

  • We made our first non-medical outing which included lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. This was also my first public nursing experience. I ordered soup. (duh. Feeding a baby while trying to eat soup? Don’t do it). It was also the first time I was shat on.  And I’m not talking a little bit, I’m talking mustard like poo ALL OVER my black pants. I have Miss Princess Abigail to thank for that one.
  • Hi! I'm feeding a baby under here
    Hi! I’m feeding a baby under here


  • Babies had their two week check up and both are 5 oz over birth weight! YAY! (Proving my guilt and worry over weight gain were totally unfounded – not surprisingly)
  • I failed to follow my own advice and keep burp cloth handy while I pump. After pumping a bit I left a trail of milk in my wake as I searched frantically for one. Bryan laughed. I swore.
  • You wouldn’t believe the number of times I get asked if they are identical. Dude. It is a BOY and a GIRL. They can’t be identical.
  • The mother of the year award nomination was probably taken away this week after I accidentally wrote on Miles’ eyelid with the pen I was using to track feeds. At least the pen mark was a manly blue color.
  • While we were out yesterday (I only remember this date because it was yesterday) we decided to try giving Miles a bottle of cold breast milk just to see if  he would take it and save us the step of warming it. He responded by drinking a few sips – making us think he was cool with it (no pun intended) – then promptly spit it out like a fountain.

Some pictures of the cute:

We are both awake!
We are both awake!


I have a cute dress
I have a cute dress

This Week By the Numbers:

  • Number of people who asked if the twins were identical: 3
  • Number of times I wanted to ask these people if they were serious when asking that question even after already knowing it was a boy and a girl: 3
  • Number of poop-splosions: 5
  • Number of pounds lost: 36
  • Pounds left to lose: 8
  • Number of mommy semi breakdowns: 4-5