The Good

  • 34 weeks is a GREAT milestone. Babies born now have just about as good a chance as full term babies. At this point we’d probably have to spend some time at the hospital for feeding and/or breathing support but in the end we’d take them home and they should be healthy long term. I’ve finally reached a point where I feel more relaxed. Still shooting for at least another week though 🙂
  • In 4 weeks or less, we will have two babies.
  • Yeah, I can’t believe it either.
  • Seriously? Four weeks or less?
  • Somehow I’ve managed to make it through this pregnancy without being put on bed rest. Though I’m about to put myself on it…more on that below.
  • Still having lots of belly dance parties. I like belly dance parties.

The Bad

  • Oy. Vey. I’d always wondered what my threshold was gonna be before I started hurting and apparently its about 8.5-9lbs of baby. I made it through last week pretty intact but its only gotten worse. My back hurts constantly and my super squished stomach still makes it hard to eat, though its been better the last few days.  I’m just glad I haven’t lost any more weight. We had another hospital visit this past Sunday thanks to some back pain coming in waves that I wanted to make sure wasn’t back labor. It wasn’t, but I was dehydrated. They checked me as well and found that I am still only dilated 1cm, which is a relief. Unfortunately I’ve already left work early twice this week. The gig is about up on working full time I suspect, which I plan on asking about at my appt tomorrow.  Quite frankly though, I’m impressed I made it to this point!

The Weird and Amusing

  • Belly size – every week I say I can’t imagine it getting bigger and yet somehow it does. I was measuring 41 weeks a week ago so I’m interested to see what it is now. It feels like a monstrosity. A belly monstrosity.
  • I’m sorry but it still feels like aliens are invading my belly and trying to crawl out. At least they are cute aliens 🙂
  • I went to one of those places over the weekend where you go, drink wine (well, water) and they take you through step by step to paint a picture for a friends birthday. I had done this once before and literally threw the picture away on my way out the door it was so bad (seriously, it was bad – I got looks it was that bad) so I was nervous about this one, but this one turned out much better.Photo Apr 14, 7 22 48 PM

This week by the numbers:

Number of times I’ve been told I’m about to pop: 0 – surprisingly. Though it was kinda asked in other ways. I got quite a few “when are you due?”s and even one “wow you’re still pregnant”. Um, yeah. I did appreciate the “wow you still look so skinny!” I got today.

Number of times I’ve been told I’m “all belly”: at least 10. Probably more

Number of people I’ve hit with my stomach: 0, but I did hit a plate today. (Stacy!)

Number of Love it or List It episodes watched: 7 and possibly counting depending on if more record. Unfortunately they are starting to loop now which means I have to find another show soon.

Number of A Baby Story episodes watched: its an embarrassing number.

Number of items I’ve had in my hands that I’ve dropped on the floor: basically everything.

Waist size: 42.5″

Weight gain: 33lbs thanks to some weight loss over the last week.

New pic at Bubbles and Squishy