The Good

  • Just two more weeks till the next big milestone I’m shooting for: 32 weeks.
  • At our last OB appt they did an ultrasound and per the tech’s measurements Abby has caught back up and is no longer 5 oz smaller. As of last Friday her estimated weight was 2 lb 13 oz and his was 2 lb 14 oz, which means I’m already carrying almost 6 lbs of baby. I look like it, too.
  • I have been very lucky so far and have experienced minimal physical discomfort. I’m more just tired. And yes, I realize there is still time.
  • The nursery is painted! Hoping hubby will put cribs together this weekend so we can decorate and finish setting up everything.

The “Bad”

  • I really wish these stupid Braxton Hicks would stop. I know this isn’t going to happen but one can wish anyway. Some days they are just exasperating.
  • I really suck at getting thank you notes out in a timely manner.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Pregnant eating – because if the food falls, there is no way it’s going to make it to my lap.
  • I dropped salsa 3x and totally proved my theory correct
    I dropped salsa 3x and totally proved my theory correct
  • I got a highly amusing voicemail from the OB’s office yesterday asking when I’d like to schedule my c-section…..after May 12. May 12 is 37.5 weeks. I’ve never thought I would make it that long. I guess only time will tell, and I”ll go ahead and schedule it on the off chance that actually happens.
  • Movements have shifted some to include more rolling like movements. These are visible from the outside if you watch closely and creepily somewhat resemble what looks like an Alien trying to break free. (ET phone home?)
  • My first trimester appetite is back. I want to eat ALL THE FOOD. Hey, can I have a bite of that?
  • I  keep getting told that I don’t look pregnant from behind. While I really appreciate this sentiment- what does pregnant from behind look like anyway?

This Week By The Numbers

  • Number of swift kicks to the bladder: 4
  • Number of comments on how I look like I’m going to give birth soon: 2 (can’t wait to see the count on this one in a few more weeks)
  • Number of backtrack comments that I look small for twins: 2
  • Number of times I’m up at night to pee: 3-5
  • Number of pds gained: 31