My parents keep old photo albums in the basement, and sometimes when we are visiting I make a trip downstairs and flip through them. Some are of them, some of me, some of my sister, and some of people I don’t know. I’ve seen these pictures a thousand times and yet I look at them again anyway. Most are of pictures from when I’m too young to remember, or was only “a twinkle in my mothers’ eye” so they say.

When Bryan and I got married, it was a small celebration involving about 12 people, a day of planning, buying wedding bands at a pawn shop (no, I’m not kidding) and my best friends living room. But I had forgotten to take my camera. Luckily one of my friends had one and took a few photos for us:

bryan and I circle frame 2me kiss bryan (2)

They turned out nicely, but I have always since wished I had hired a photographer of some kind. Even if it was just to get a few nice, frame-able photos of the two of us.

Personally, I like to pretend I can take pictures, but I can’t. I mean I can capture a couple smiles like everyone else but the scope of my “talent” pretty much ends there.

I can filter an Instagram photo with the best of ’em, though. 🙂 Everyone looks skinnier, happier and blemish free after adding Lo Fi or Amaro to an Iphone photo.

The point is, after the long awaited positive pregnancy test I knew I wanted professional maternity photos, especially since all of our pictures are captured on Iphone and Instagram filtered. I tried to do some research on “poses” but got freaked out by the vast number of bare belly pictures (just not my thing) and decided that I should just let the professional do her thing. It was much less stressful for me this way, anyway. I hadn’t met the photographer before but she came highly recommended by a friend who promised it would be worth the money. (She was totally right) We had them taken yesterday and she mentioned providing us with a password to review them online in 2-3 weeks, but didn’t mention she’d be posting some sneak peeks. I received an email from the friend who recommended her this morning with these attached.

Yes, admittedly, the title of this blog post is cliche and overused. But also perfect. Just these four pictures express so much.

These bears were given to us by my grandfather a few weeks before he passed away
These bears were given to us by my grandfather a few weeks before he passed away


Bridge BWPeace.

Me BWBlessed.

Bryan and ILove.

And so much else.

I can’t wait to get the rest in a few weeks.