21 is usually a big celebratory number because its when you can finally drink. In this case, however, I don’t think its appropriate. 🙂

The Good

  • I meant to write a whole separate post about this but with the death of my grandfather it never happened. We had our anatomy scan last week and it looks like we do in fact have two properly growing, healthy babies. YAY! They are also for sure a girl and a boy. Doc said everything looked good. I do go back in 4 weeks for a fetal echo, however. The doc said that everything looks fine from what they can see but that the hearts just aren’t big enough to see the kind of detail they want to see at this point. I would rather they be overly cautious than miss something so I’m all about it.
  • Movement! So I realized during this scan that baby boy is sitting WAY higher than I thought either one would be, which means that  weird bubbles that I felt for the last two weeks that I thought were my stomach or something were actually baby. After seeing where they were it made so much more sense and I definitely notice movement more consistently now. Its still mostly limited to bubbles and waves with a poke or kick now and then.
  • The MASSIVE amount of clothes I discovered we already have.
    Why hello clothes
    Why hello clothes


  • The awesomely hilarious shirt I got from a couple friends. Refer to Bubbles and Squishy for a pic 🙂 (Updated pics of the babies on there also 🙂 )

The Bad (taken, of course, with a grain of salt)

  • Definitely more tired and worn out at the end of the day. I decided not to sing in the spring choir concert this year and I’m really glad I did.
  • Doing too much tends to give me some back pain, though I suppose that is to be expected, and perhaps a sign that I should stop doing too much. 🙂

The Weird and Amusing

  • So I’ve started getting some Braxton Hicks contractions. They say they can exacerbated by dehydration. The ironic thing is that I tend to get them when my bladder is full. So basically I have to drink water to keep from getting them, but all the water I’m drinking is also causing me to have them because my blasted bladder fills up so darned fast. A friend of mine said she had this issue too so at least I’m not alone.
  • I’m increasingly more clumsy. This coupled with the fact that its getting a bit harder to bend over makes for many both amusing and annoying moments during the day. At least I haven’t forgotten to pay any more bills.
  • The funny looks I sometimes get when I say I’m 21 weeks….and the huge eyes I can when then say its twins.  Its usually either “wow congratulations!” or “wow I’m sorry”. I’m sorry? What are you sorry for, exactly?
  • Is it bedtime yet? 7:00 isn’t too early right?
  • What? I’m tired.