If I want to hide, I have a cool new disguise

I'm too sexy for my 'stache
I’m too sexy for my ‘stache

No one will know its me.

This whole updating once a week just to fill everyone in on the current pregnancy symptoms is for the birds and I promise not to make it a habit. Unfortunately I’ve not only been busy, but my husband stole the computer over the weekend and I’ve been more fatigued than usual lately. I could probably throw in a few more excuses if need be and then I’ll go hide behind the disguise above.

So with that in mind, onto the update:

The Good

  • Feeling movement more frequently, but its still mostly vague – I really expected to feel more at this point, and of course sometimes this worries me but I still hear them moving on the doppler so hopefully this means it’ll just be a little longer.
  • Holy cow have I grown lately.
  • Starting to plan baby showers – after wondering for so long if I’d ever get one, it’s so surreal to be planning one.
  • Official anatomy scan tomorrow, though I have to say I’m just as nervous as excited – I just want them to be growing normally and healthy.
  • Starting the registry this weekend
  • All of the stuff – I was really afraid that with being one of the last to get pregnant that we’d have to buy everything. Of course we happily would have but surprisingly we’ve still gotten all kinds of baby stuff for free/cheap – stuff that I plan to pass on to another person when we are done with it.
  • We’re 99% decided on names 🙂

The Bad

  • A few aches and pains but nothing major. Stiff back muscles and some ab soreness recently, but I suppose that is to be expected
  • More tired than usual but nothing too hard to handle
  • A bit shamefully, I’ve caught myself worrying about things like weight and stretch marks a few times as I’ve gotten steadily bigger, but was pulled quickly back to reality. These babies are way more precious than any of that and we waited too long and worked too hard for me to worry about it.
  • Hearing news of several baby losses this week. I feel like people in general are not equipped to deal with others’ losses well, myself included. I always feel like I just have no idea what to say, and it seems kinda futile because anything I said wouldn’t really help the situation much anyway. It just…..sucks beyond belief.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Babies are length of bananas – which I’m sorry but that’s just a strange picture in my brain. Bananas in my belly. And not like mashed bananas either, but whole ones.
  • Still eating constantly. Just had dinner an hour ago and now I’m eating cereal. What? I was hungry. Again.
  • Pee tally record still holds at nine in nine hours. I fully expect to reach higher numbers as the weeks go on. Any bets?

At 20 weeks we are at the halfway point of a singleton pregnancy and past the halfway point for us. I am not sure where all the time went because it feels like just yesterday we were going through the IVF. I think both Bryan and I are just as nervous and scared as we are excited. No matter what the feeling of the hour though, we will never stop being thankful.

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