Even though this is completely out of my control, I have decided that these babies are staying in until at least 36 weeks, which would make this week our halfway point. Wow.

The Good

  • Movements have been inconsistent at best but they are there. And actually you can distinctly hear them moving on the doppler. Sometimes it actually sounds like one is punching the point where the doppler sits as if to say “get that darn thing away from me!”
  • We are halfway (or almost halfway) through, and pregnancy has been really nice to me – which makes me fear the second half slightly.
  • Babies are the size of sweet potatoes. Please pass the brown sugar and butter. Extra brown sugar
  • Our fun Christmas surprise. (TBA)
  • Guilt free holiday eating. I told myself weight was something I was not going to let myself get too worried about – I’d rather gain more and have bigger babies. So—-extra mashed potatoes? Yes. Extra helping of bread? Please. More chocolate/pie/candy? Hell yeah!

The Bad

  • Some growing pains/round ligament pains.  Though honestly they haven’t been that bad at all. I’ve had some mild headaches but am not sure if they are pregnancy related or not, because I think I’ve been sleeping with my jaw clenched recently.

The Weird and Amusing

  • The belly is starting to get in the way when I bend down. This usually results in a moment of confusion before I realize what’s happening. The sad part of this is that I’m not even that big yet. And really only happens when I have to bend significantly, but there’s already been a change in the way I put on my sneakers.
  • Buying a new pair of walking shoes a half size bigger to accommodate the swelling I’m sure to get later on.
  • How funny I look in my “can barely button this” winter coat. Thank goodness Charleston weather doesn’t usually require the use of buttons because I could probably only get away with this for another couple of weeks, tops.
  • Whoever said you pee less in the second trimester lied. On the plus side this means my hands are being washed a zillion times a day. Clean hands equals fewer germs.
  • Getting up to pee twice a night while staying at my parents house – I’ve almost walked into a door twice. I wouldn’t advise it.

Bring on the next 18 weeks!