Its really nice that its Monday and I don’t have to go to work. It sucks that my stupid internal body clock has be up at 6:30 anyway.

Thanks to the whole week off, we traveled to Ohio for Christmas again this year.

It’s cold in Ohio.

Actually, it started out cold somewhere in Virginia. After leaving an hour later than planned and getting stuck in traffic, we ended up having to spend the night at a Red Roof Inn because the wind and weather was getting so bad. So our normal 10-11 hour trip took 24 hours. And the adventures started early.

The dogs love car rides, and typically are practically in the car before we even manage to get the doors open. Despite the fact that I grew up in Ohio I felt suddenly shell shocked by this white cold stuff called snow and jumped in the car after Bryan packed it, cranked up the heat and shivered like a sissy. We start to pull out of the parking space and something catches me out of the corner of my eye.

Its Charlie.

He’s walking beside the car.


We almost left my dog outside the hotel. After letting him in he refused to leave the corner of the backseat for the next 3 hours. Not that I could blame him.

we are comfy
we are comfy

Luckily the remainder of the trip went off without much drama – except for the constant pee and walk stops. In fact, at the first Ohio rest area we found this cute little mini snowman, and it made me miss snow for, like, half a second.

aren't I cute?
aren’t I cute?

Can I just say that I am SO glad I’m not training for a marathon this year and am not stuck running a 20 miler up here. I lucked the heck out last year when it turned out to be nearly 40 degrees. This year there is already snow on the ground and I’m dragging myself out of the house bundled up like the kid out of A Christmas Story just to go for a walk. (Though that’s partly because my coat barely buttons over my belly….). Our bigger dog, Chance loves the snow but Charlie hates it, and made poor Bryan chase him down the street after a walk last night because he was so desperate to get inside. In fact, for reasons that no one really understands, Charlie is not a huge fan of my dad, but hated the snow so much he let him carry him around the block on a walk recently.

Say Cheese! You too, Charlie
Say Cheese! You too, Charlie

So we are here, its Monday already and I’m sure the week is going to fly by, but its nice.

And cold.