The Good

  • Anatomy scan scheduled for January 11!
  • I am like, 99% sure I’ve felt movement and it felt a bit like bubbles and butterflies from the inside.
  • I can breathe again!
  • I can totally rock some maternity clothes.

The Bad

  • I am definitely starting to get what I assume is “growing pains”. I actually  worried about them a little because it felt a bit like some pelvic pressure and lower back discomfort (not at the same time and intermittantly) because those things can be both signs of normal pregnancy and pre term labor ( go figure that one – you can definitely tell my history with infertility here). But then I began realizing that it was starting in the afternoon, once I got home on the couch I was fine and I’ve never woken up with the issue. Since then I blame my office chair (however, will be keeping an eye on it of course) which I will likely be replacing with an exercise ball. I have this on my bad list bc of course I worry. But even my weekly updates say relaxin starts to kick in about now, which relaxes the muscles and joints, therefore more than likely causing some discomfort.

The Weird and Amusing

  • It’s been interesting to imagine the equivalent of two onions inside my stomach, I just have to say.
  • At times I look in the mirror and am still surprised by the belly. I wonder if I ever won’t be.
  • I’m definitely suffering from foggy brain, and am for sure more emotional than usual.

I can say that time is flying – we will be halfway through VERY soon. Yikes.

New pic is up at Bubbles and Squishy