And this one is NOT sarcastic.

I wrote in a recent post about my coughing issues. To provide a history (its kinda boring so I promise to keep it brief), I caught a cold once about a year ago and something about that cold triggered a cough that would.not.go.away. Bryan SWORE up and down I had asthma but I refused to believe it, despite the fact that I’d come in from runs sometimes with a coughing fit so bad it was difficult to catch my breath. After this cold and cough though I finally went to the doc who delivered the news I already was in denial about – I had asthma.

The good news was that its mostly seasonal, meaning it flares up in the springtime and summertime when its humid. In SC, though, its humid 8 months out of the year. Still I consider myself fortunate in that I can control it by taking a daily allergy med and using my albuterol inhaler before I run. Unfortunately any time I get a cough it tends to last for at least a couple weeks.

So lets backtrack to about a month ago.My congestion flared up considerably, which, predictably, caused me to start coughing. Because I’m partly an idiot and because I was afraid to take anything, I hoped (like an idiot) that it would run its course and go away. (it didn’t, thus proving my idiocy)

2 weeks later I was still coughing. And as I explained in my last post, I tried a couple of other things before finally going to the doctor. At this point I’d been coughing for 3 weeks or more, often accompanied by wheezing when I took a deep breath. It is funny how you kind of get used to something. As annoying as hell as the cough was, I actually thought it might be stuck with for the duration and sort of resigned myself to this fact, finally going to the doc only because I was worried about the wheezing and asthma.

3 days of prednisone and I was still coughing, further proving to me that I was quite possibly stuck with this. And then, this morning, an amazing thing happened. I realized I had slept the whole night (well, minus the pee break) without coughing. I could take deep breaths, and not cough. I could laugh and not cough. I could go for a walk and not cough. I spent the entire day taking deep breaths just because I could.

I realized I kinda forgot what breathing normally felt like.

Sheesh. How dumb is that?

So to you, happy help me breathe steroids, An Ode:

I’m just back from my walk (cough)

Geez all I did was talk (cough)

I sit down on the chair(cough)

I go to brush my hair (cough)

I try to breathe in deep (cough)

I wake up from my sleep (cough)

But with a helpful little script

My lungs can get a freaking grip

Woo hoo I can breathe!