The Good

  • I am 80% sure I’ve felt some movement in the last week or so.
  • Finding out the sexes soon!!! And hopefully that we have two healthy babies, since we opted to do not do any first trimester screening.
  • I’m up 12 pds!
  • Getting tons of gently used maternity clothes on a swap site for way cheap.
  • OB Appt Monday – no ultrasound till the anatomy scan though.
  • The hilarious gift from my doc in an effort to ward off germs.

Good Luck, Germs

The Bad (please note in these posts I’m really using the word “bad” lightly – I just decided I liked this format)

  • Well my ears have cleared up but replaced with a cough, one I’ve actually had at this point for over 3 weeks. After 2 weeks I finally called the OB’s office asking if I could take a Claritin daily for a bit with my inhaler to see if that cleared it up. After 3 days, no dice. Then I called my doc. She suggested I use my inhaler (albuterol) 4x a day with the allergy med (vs 2x a day) for 2 days. No dice. So I went IN to the doctor, and was put on prednisone. I was not happy with the idea of a steroid, but per my doc, what I can tell from doctor Google AND my OB, its safe in short courses. And the issue is not only the cough, but the fact that 80% of the time I wheeze and/or cough when I take a deep breath. If it were just a cough I’d deal but I worry about my asthma and its possible effect on the pregnancy. I’d be lying if  I said I didn’t hope this kicks it, but if I have to deal with it through this pregnancy I will. (Also, please no negative comments about this – I have had enough issues about it as it is)

The Weird and Amusing

  • Watching the scale hoping it will go UP.
  • My emotions are starting to run a bit high. I’m irritated more quickly and easier to cry. But I guess that kinda goes with the territory.
  • No funny stories – I guess I need to start doing more stupid things.

You know where to find the pic, if so desired 🙂