The Good

  • I broke down and finally bought/ordered some maternity clothes. I rocked some under the  belly pants 🙂
  • Still hearing those heartbeats. And they sound almost closer now as the babies get bigger – if that makes any sense.
  • Bryan talking to the babies.
  • There is no longer any possible doubt about pregnant vs. maybe she ate too many cookies. I’m catching up on telling some work parents who missed last week and they’ve all nodded knowingly.
  • I don’t feel like being a couch potato quite as much as I did earlier on.
  • People telling me I look super cute pregnant.
  • An AWESOME couple gave us a double stroller!

The Bad

  • My ears are ringing and I think I have fluid behind my left one. I worried for a bit because I was reading that it can be a sign of high blood pressure. So to ease my worries I had it checked – it was fine, thankfully, but my ears are still ringing. I’m trying to flush out congestion with saline spray, but may be making a trip to the doc if it doesn’t go away soon. I hope its congestion related and not pregnancy related, or else this could be interesting.
  • Bouts of worry about something being wrong with the babies. We opted out of the first trimester genetic screening and so sometimes I worry.

The Weird and Amusing

  • Just last week I thought to myself that soon my stomach would be outgrowing my boobs. Wrong. Bryan took my pic yesterday and suddenly my stomach had a lot of catching up to do. I still look at them and think “uh…where did these come from?”
  • Gaining 4 pds in a week. I’m aiming for 24 pounds in 24 weeks since I’ve read that its linked with a lower risk of early labor and low birth weight, but still it was a bit crazy to see the scale where it was. I’m up 9 pds total.
  • My boss looking at me today, and saying “wow, you’re getting huge.” LOL You think this is huge? Just wait.
  • Already mentally planning how I’m going to get people/kids/parents to help me reach things when I’m too big to get up comfortably. Someone suggested a reacher – that may actually be happening. I’m imagining myself rolling down the hall in my rolling chair or shouting down the hall “can you please bring the kid to me?” 🙂

See Bubbles and Squishy for this weeks updated pic 🙂