A good blog friend posted this idea and I liked it so much I decided to copy it.

I think we all like numbers for different reasons. When you think about it, numbers represent many things in our lives: lists, ages, birthdays, kids, finances…the list goes on.

My life (so far) in numbers:

2 is

  • The number of houses I lived in during childhood.
  • The number of times I have been married.
  • The number of houses I’ve owned (or co owned).
  • The number marathons I have completed.
  • The number of states I have lived in.
  • The number of instruments I’ve learned how to play fairly proficiently.
  • And, as luck would have it, the number of children we are currently expecting.
  • Apparently 2 is a significant number.

22 is the age I was when I first got married.

27 is the age I was divorced

4 (hours) is my ultimate marathon finishing goal

17 is the number of race medals and trophys I’ve collected

13 was when I got my first pair of glasses

23 is my favorite number

843 is my area code

28 is the age I finally, officially got over my body image issues

6 pairs of jeans regularly lie in my dresser drawer

3-4 is the number of times my house should be vacuumed each week, thanks to dog hair

2 is the number of times it realistically happens

10 is the time I am usually in bed

7 is about the latest I can sleep in, regardless of when I went to bed

25 minutes is the length of my daily commute

82k is the number of miles on my not quite four year old car (sheesh)

5 is the number of years I’ve been a Speech Therapist

In that time I’ve had 3 jobs…my current job the one I’ve been employed with the longest

26 is the age that I got my first tattoo

29 (nearly 30) when I got my 2nd

31 is when I’ll likely get my 3rd, and probably final, added to my 2nd

1,500 is about the number of text messages sent and received on my phone each month

Nearly 1000 days before our first positive pregnancy test

0 is the number of people that I would like to see suffer from infertility

But at this point, wouldn’t change the story.