Those of you who are visiting from ICLW – a brief history:

My husband and I started TTC over 3 years ago. Eventually, he was diagnosed with low count and I with PCOS. We spent a few months trying hormone replacement to increase count with no luck and our RE told us if we wanted to get pregnant then we were looking at IVF.  One month we finally found ourselves looking at a count that was within normal limits and decided to try an IUI. That got canceled when it was discovered that all my major follicles were growing on the side of my blocked tube. (seriously?) After that, we moved forward with an IVF. Today, we are 13 weeks pregnant with twins…..and I still can’t believe I’m finally able to type this.

Now, onto the update:

I am a competitive person, and it is rare that I become excited about moving from first to second. But today that move marks a big and significant milestone: from the first to the second trimester.

THAT I can get excited about. Things are starting to feel more real and I’m beginning to think more “when” than “if”. For me, this is pretty significant. Bryan even bought me a gift to celebrate: Mums 🙂

I totally didn’t put it together until I told my mom they were mums and she asked if he had done that on purpose

The Good

  • We are officially in the 2nd trimester! While I totally get that this doesn’t mean we are home free, it does mean our risk of miscarriage drops significantly
  • Bryan declining a cigarette at a get together because he is “going to be a daddy”. He has also lost 10 pds and I am super proud of him.
  • Telling all my parents at work about the pregnancy, even though most of them suspected since I started to show so early
  • Knowing what I was finding on the doppler really WAS the heartbeats, when this was confirmed at my latest appointment
  • I made it through the first trimester with minimal nausea – really almost none. I still can’t believe this. I’m almost nervous bc the first trimester was so nice to me.

The Bad

  • I have been less than thrilled with my first two OB visits. I saw a nurse practitioner first who I had to tell I was having twins, and she still told me I only needed to gain up to 4 pds. Everything I’m reading says with twins you need to gain more – more like 8 pds after the first trimester. The second person I saw was a midwife, who when I asked what I should gain had to go look it up (bc it was twins). At least she was able to find the heartbeats, though still made an offhand comment about how its too early to completely tell if they are separate. I only didn’t push it because I had found them myself. My next appt is with one of the OB’s, and I’m going to respectfully request to be seen only by an OB from now on. (The nurses and midwives don’t deliver but they can do checkups)

The Weird and Amusing

  • For the first time in my life I’m voluntarily skipping workouts (read: walks) and eating more, hoping to gain some weight. I’m getting on the scale hoping for a HIGHER number.
  • I’ve had McDonalds nuggets 4 times in the last 3 weeks
  • I have retired 3 pairs of jeans- well, temporarily.
  • There are no longer gaps in my bras. Sometimes I stare at “the girls” and wonder if they are really mine. (Well, hello there – where did you come from?)
  • Sometimes the books freak me out
  • More than once I’ve nearly left my phone behind (its normally attached to my hip so this is pretty significant)
  • I think its finally time, at 30, to lose the belly ring.
  • More than one person has laughed and said “this is the only time I can say you have a belly!” (simply bc I was too workout crazy before)
  • I prefer my couch to exercise….or moving in general

An updated belly pic can be seen at Bubbles and Squishy