A brief review of the last couple of weeks (11 and 12):

The Good

  • Hearing the babies’ heartbeats for the first time (and maybe a few many more times after that) after our home doppler arrived in the mail. It helps quell some of the anxieties between appointments, particularly now in the first trimester. Bryan got to hear them as well, and recorded them so we could send them to our parents.
  • Reading the weekly updates comparing our babies to fruit and learning what is growing and forming every week. . It also answers questions like “what the heck is up with these nipple bumps”? and “why did I nearly faint at my choir concert?”
  • We are a mere week away from the 2nd trimester!
  • The babies are moving now! But of course I can’t feel them yet. I do feel quite a bit of gas though….
  • When hubby told me he couldn’t wait for me to start showing so he could walk around like a proud papa.

The Bad

  • Catching a stomach bug. I called in a sick day for the first time in over 2 years and spent a day dealing with vomiting and stomach cramps. It took literally a week to get my appetite back and I lost all three pounds I had gained (but I’ve since gained them back)

The Weird and Amusing

  • Apparently I had the “week” thing all wrong. For example, I thought 10 weeks meant I was in week 10, but apparently it really means you’re starting week 11 because you can’t be considered 10 weeks pregnant  until the 10th week is over. It makes sense now that this was explained to me but I’ve been doing it wrong.
  • I feel like I smell farts, like, often. Bryan and the dog both deny it, but I can’t be imagining it….can I?
  • I’m a fairly healthy eater and haven’t eaten at McDonalds in I can’t even remember how long. Now suddenly I’m craving McDonalds nuggets and have eaten them twice this week.
  • I grew out of my first bra. That was bizarre. Technically my sports bras are too small too but I’m squeezing into them anyway because I’m too lazy and cheap to  buy new ones yet
  • I did the “hair tie to keep my pants up but still allow them to be unbuttoned trick” for the first time
  • On weekends I like to take long walks but need to eat before I go. Regardless of whether I go to the bathroom before I go or not, since I’ve eaten breakfast I end up getting 20 minutes into the walk and I have to pee.

I decided to create a separate tab for pictures, so if you’re interested you can see a 12 week pic at Bubbles and Squishy