No, I’m not talking about the number of times I eat in one day, though I’m pretty sure its over 10.

The goings’ on in semi bullet like format, because my brain is too scrambled to come up with coherent paragraphs.

Today is week 10- we have hit the double digits! And apparently, while the worry has lessened it hasn’t gone away, because I totally ordered a home doppler on Amazon. I haven’t, however had the guts to try it yet.

I do obsessively check the mirror when I go by because I think its cool to see because I want to make sure my stomach hasn’t magically shrunk.

I feel less guilty about consuming an entire bag of sour patch watermelons than I once would have. And this is after I have already finished consuming all the food.

I’m not one to usually cry at movies or TV shoes but teared up twice watching “A Baby Story”. Seriously? A Baby Story?

I had my first OB appt and it was nothing to write home about – they used our latest fertility ultrasound as the dating ultrasound and therefore I am not due for one until 20 weeks. I also don’t have another appointment until Thanksgiving. I realize this is the norm, but after all we’ve been through and the frequency of check ups at the fertility clinic, I found it difficult to not say ” seriously? no ultrasound for 10 weeks? no appt for 4?”

IΒ  had one memorable and classic pregnancy brain moment this week:

Can you guess what doesn’t belong?

I still, blissfully, have no morning sickness. I did, however, almost pass out at a choir concert this past weekend. One I was singing in. I had to duck out 6 pages from the end or else I would have fainted cold on the floor. Thank goodness it wasn’t during a solo or something (HA, like I had any solos)

I still pray every day that these babies are still growing

I learned what a Kumquat is.

I still look at this and wonder where it came from. I also still cant believe there are two.

And even with the worrying, I’m thankful every day to be here.

Also, thanks to all of you for the Leibster blog nominations! I am flattered to have gotten so many of them! (and sorry I’ve been a bit slack recently)