Today, at 6w1d, we had our first ultrasound.

I showed up (well, I put it on once we got into the ultrasound room) in my planned garb:

The 10 min I wore this shirt was totally worth the $25. Seriously.

The first thing I did when the doc walked in was ask him if he liked my shirt. He laughed and said that they should sell those.

By the way, he totally went in there looking for two. All comfy in the stirrups and my new shirt, he’s all business pointing out my still huge ovaries (thanks IVF) and matter-of-factly goes: “ooook and there’s one…..and there’s two….I still have to take some measurements but they both look good”

Ladies and gents (probably mostly ladies), its officially:

Bubbles AND Squishy say hi


Both had a heartbeat of 120 and both are measuring exactly on target.

Bryan got to see the heartbeat before I did because the screen was pointed more away from me, but once the doc was done taking all the measurements turned the screen so I could see – and there they were – two tiny rice grains with a very visible flicker.

It was without a doubt the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

We saw the nurse afterwards who, of course, congratulated us, answered a few questions, and set up one more ultrasound in two weeks at 8w2d – one final ultrasound with the fertility clinic. I joked that when the babies were born I was going to make or find onesies that said BOGO (buy one get one) on them.

Strangely enough, after I told my dad on the way home he goes “hey! Its like BOGO!”


Whether we call them Bubbles and Squishy, blob squared (my other nickname) or BOGO – right now we have two healthy babies with two healthy heartbeats. I know we aren’t out of the woods yet, but we are slowly getting there.

Best day ever.