‘Twas the night before beta

In my small bathroom drawer

The pee sticks, they mocked me

Of that I am sure

With a hope for an answer

To be found before bed

And the visions of a “pregnant”

That keep dancing in my head

I swear that I hear them

They are talking to me

“But surely, my friend

Can’t you eek out some pee?

Put some lines in our windows

Will it be one or two?

While you pace in your room

Not knowing what the F*ck else to do?”

Shut up sticks, I refuse” I say

Clenching them with my hand

“Stop taunting me or I’ll throw you

Into that small trash can”

Stow them back in my drawer

Out of mind, out of sight.

“Have fun getting to sleep

On this long restless night”

*Still holding out – can I make it to tomorrow?