Today is mine and hubs’ anniversary. (Tiffany, did I get the grammar right this time?) When we decided to get married on September 11, albeit 9 years later, I questioned this choice, wondering if it would seem callous. But, my friend had a point when she said that it could more of a symbol of new beginnings and moving forward.

I’ve been so wrapped up in all of this IVF stuff that when he called me last night and said “Happy Anniversary Tomorrow”!, I responded with “oh yeah, that’s tomorrow”. (In my defense, I remembered it when he was here for the egg retrieval – and is another case in point as to why I never get birthday or other related cards out on time, because I always remember at strange times)

Keeping somewhat in tune with Stupid Stork’s “A Weird Little Glimpse into my Marriage” theme (because I’m cheating a little and because I’m technically a day late….but not a dollar short, so I think this helps my case), today’s post is about my husband.

We met on

No, I’m not kidding. I opened an account seriously not expecting anything, and found the idea to be rather strange. But since I’m not a bar hopper, sports lover or avid church goer,  I gave it shot. The site annoyed me even more because it allowed you to “wink” at people you might be interested in, and I thought any guy who couldn’t get up the courage to send me even a  message over the internet vs clicking  stupid little button surely wasn’t worth my time. I mean seriously? You don’t even have to actually walk up and talk to me. It’s a computer. Don’t be stupid and wink at me.

He winked at me.

Perhaps I was feeling snarky that day, but against my better judgement and for reasons that I STILL don’t understand, I winked back, simultaneously rolling my eyes. (boy that would be a talent, wouldn’t it?). He won some bonus points when a little chat window immediately popped up. At least he wasn’t going to spend the whole night virtually winking at me, making me wonder if he has virtual eye spasms.

We tried this for a few minutes but the site was having issues, so we tried Facebook. When THAT was having issues, I suggested we try the phone. He sent me his number and I dialed.

He didn’t answer.

What is WITH this guy?

A few seconds later he called back – he couldn’t remember where he had left his phone, a habit that will continue and annoy me to no end in the years to come. After speaking on the phone for a bit I suggested we meet up, as I am not a fan of talking on the phone. We met at Barnes and Noble and talked till it closed. Then we stood in the parking lot an hour after it closed. We went out on a “real” date the next day and from then was attached at the hip. We dated for a year, were engaged for 3 weeks, and got married in my best friends living room. I bought a tea length dress on sale and we found wedding bands at a pawn shop a mere 2 hours before we got married. Sometimes the best weddings are the one planned at the last minute

Aren’t we cute?

I love this one

And now, him, in bullets:

  • He is a fabulous cook, which is awesome because I HATE cooking. When he’s not here I live on frozen meals, oatmeal, pizza and cereal. I’m simply too lazy
  • When he lacks sleep, he gets in silly moods and mumbles about things that make absolutely no sense. I mean they are in English, but they make no sense.
  • He doesn’t sing along to lyrics, he sings along to to the sound effects in the background
  • He can NEVER find his phone/keys/wallet. Sometimes all three. No matter how many times I suggest he put them in the same place when he gets home so they won’t get lost. There is always a last minute search for the wallet as we are walking out the door, usually accompanied with a “hey babe – do you know where my wallet is?” Why yes, I do, I just prefer to send you on a wild goose chase.
  • I don’t like to spend money on myself, and when I do I tend to feel guilty. So when I come home and tell on myself, his response is “good girl” (and not at all sarcastically either). I still find this amazing
  • He is extremely complimentary. He tells me I’m beautiful constantly. And even after all *I* have put them through with this infertility mess, when we got home from the egg retrieval he told me he was proud of me, and thanked me for putting my body through all of this just to have his babies (cue:  melt). He has been 100% supportive all the way through.
  • I like to mess with him when he is sleeping. Once, we had an entire conversation. He went to  bed early that night and suddenly I heard “what if it doesn’t fit in the box??!” Stunned, amused, and unaware he was still sleeping, I responded “WTF are you talking about?” He repeats “what if it doesn’t fit in the box?!”. Still confused but unsure how to respond I replied “I have no idea”. He responds “you should know you work there!!” (Turns out he was dreaming about being in the UPS store, renting a mailbox and wanted to know what would happen if the package didn’t fit in the box)
  • He is right on par with my “that’s what she said” jokes.
  • He once sounded a bit too excited when asking me why I was recording the XXX Olympics and how that must be a kind of “special” olympics . A few second later it dawned on  me and I responded that the XXX was the 30th Olympic Games.
  • He’s a handyman! He installed our floors and fence!
  • He makes up songs with me that have lyrics that make no sense
  • He doesn’t like to put the silverware away
  • He’s going to make a great dad, and I can’t wait to make him one
  • I still sometimes can’t believe we are married

Happy Anniversary, hubby.
(And on the IVF front, we learned today that we have 8 embryos will be frozen! And I feel totally normal. If I didn’t have the pics of embryos on my fridge I would have thought it never happened)