So I realize that technically what we did was the egg retrieval, but a friend of mine called it a Harvest one day and I liked it enough that it stuck.

So onto the Harvest. (Hey, its still egg gathering, so it’s totally legit)

I think I was probably a bit more nervous than I’d like to admit, but one of the things I hate more than anything is being late. I had told Bryan that I wanted to give us a good hour to get there in case of rush hour traffic. Naturally, we left a whopping 7 minutes later than I wanted to, so anytime we got slowed down I picked at him for the timing of his bathroom habits.

We got there right on time, so of course he got his revenge on his way in the door by picking at me.

I totally deserved it.

We were called back and lead into a conference room, playing Angry Birds on my phone while we waited, giggling like 5 year olds at the bird that blows up into what looks like a giant Orange when he hits something. I joked that I was going to get up and start reading the medical journals to pass the time, so naturally Bryan actually got up and started flipping through some of the books. I joked that I can’t take him anywhere.

The doc came in and explained the procedure and then the anesthesiologist followed, explaining the use of the “good stuff” to make me sleepy. I was then led into the back where I changed into a super sexy outfit (I wish I had thought to get a picture)  and super stylish hair net thing and was on my way. (I may or may not have struck a pose)

Let me just say that anesthesia induced naps? Best. Ever.

Bryan met me back in the recovery room and snatched the little monitor off my finger to check his own oxygen saturation. Later he took the blue hair net thingy off of my head (per my request) and placed it over his face, commenting to me that I should try it as it makes the world look blue. (I did, it kinda does).  Then he put it on his own head and plopped into the recliner next to mine. (SO wish I had a camera!!!)

I told you I couldn’t take him anywhere.

Today I’m chilling on the couch with my post retrieval buddy, drinking gatorade, eating salt

and waiting somewhat patiently for tomorrow’s fertilization report of…

28 eggs.