I’m with stupid.

Today I had what was supposed be my final round of bloodwork before tomorrow’s retrieval. Last night I joyously gave myself my trigger shot and even thought that it was easier than any of the others had been. This morning after getting my blood drawn I decided to take a walk across the Cooper River Bridge. Bryan was on his way home for the procedure and it was a great morning for a walk

After I got home I was trying to get some things done before I was put on activity restrictions and noticed there was a call from my nurse asking me to call her back when I got the message.

Well that can’t be good.

I call her back and she tells me that my HCG level was really low ( they only had me withdraw half instead of the full amount as an OHSS precaution) and that I needed to come back in, get some remixed and do it again. And that my retrieval date was being moved to Wednesday instead of tomorrow.

Now because I’m slightly hormonal, I wasn’t happy about this – mostly because everything had gone so smoothly up until now and it just figured that we had to hit a bump in the road the day before retrieval. I hopped into my car (again) with the previously mixed trigger liquid and headed down to get some more.

When I get there, she is explaining to me the new procedure and while she does she draws the old liquid into a syringe. (Now before you read ahead, keep in mind that I’m trying to draw half of what is already a small amount of liquid out of a proportionally much larger bottle – AND the liquid is clear)

Here’s where the stupid part comes in. She’s talking and suddenly:

Nurse: All the liquid is still here

Me: what?

Nurse: There is still 1ml in here, which means you injected yourself with air.

Me: Oh my God.

Nurse: well that explains why your HCG level was zero.

Me: Oh my God. How the heck did I do that?Β  I feel like a complete idiot.

Nurse: Oh don’t worry about it, this kind of stuff happens.

Me: (laughing but completely embarrassed) yes, I bet people inject themselves with air instead of liquid every day. I need to make myself a Dunce cap.

God bless my nurse and the fact that she is so sweet, because if I were her, I would have laughed at me.

A lot.

Luckily, this case of user error won’t appear to cause any detrimental effects. She said technically we could have waited another day anyway because sometimes they don’t have people inject until some follicles are at 20 and yesterday my biggest were at 19.

Trying to recover from my idiocy, I offered that perhaps it was a blessing in disguise because now they have another day to grow (yes, my stupidity is clearly a blessing here). I’m ridiculously embarrassed, but glad my body isn’t the bad guy in all this. (My brain is).

New instructions are to trigger (for real, she preΒ  mixed it and put it into the syringe for me to prevent Dunce Day: The Sequel) tonight at 945 and show up for the retrieval on Wednesday at 815.

And just because it seemed fitting, I made myself a Dunce Cap.

I’m in so much trouble when I actually get pregnant