It’s funny how a phrase, title or random thought can work in a number of contexts.

For example, upon his return home on Saturday, Bryan plopped himself in front of the TV to check what had been recording. The conversation went as follows:

Him: What in the world are you watching?

Me: What the heck are you talking about?

Him: The XXX Summer Olympics????

Me: *confused look followed by lightbulb moment* The XXX stands for “30th”

Him: Oh. Well that’s stupid, because I totally thought you had 10 hours of some “special” olympics recorded.

Life is always more entertaining when he is around. (Though when he isn’t I’m more inspired to try to be “productive” and still spend as much time on the couch as possible, and so then inspires blog theme changes and my own personalized header thanks to these instructions but I digress….)

Today I received an email with my tentative IVF calendar:

Friday August 10th: mock transfer and hand over all of my money

Monday August 13th: baseline ultrasound leading to

Tuesday August 14th: begin Lupron injections. Time to start shooting up, a phrase I would normally have saved for a reference to “Intervention” but am now using to describe myself.

Thursday August 23: ultrasound and stims injection “lesson”. Additional shooting up to begin August 25th.

Tentatively, egg retrieval scheduled for September 5, but of course that all depends on how my body responds to all the lovely needles.

Here’s to shooting up legal, non hallucinogenic (at least I hope not) drugs and getting this show on the road.