Bryan was home this weekend and we were doing one of our infamous: “what do you want to do?”
I dunno, what do you want to do? “I don’t really care, what do you want to do?”

We aren’t usually this annoyingly indecisive, but I imagine Bryan just wanted to not think after all the driving and I wanted to do SOMETHING but wasn’t sure what. Kinda like when you’re hungry but nothing you have in your house sounds good, and even when you think about eating out nothing quite hits the spot.

I have a tendency to enjoy my “be lazy and sit around the house” time, but after a few hours I get cabin fever (and is also why I would do HORRIBLY on bed rest) and start to feel like I must get out for a bit, even if all I do is walk around Target.

None of my suggestions were working.

We could go play mini golf – too hot (it was)

We could walk around the mall – what guy wants to do that, anyway?

We could take the dogs for a walk -too hot ( I guess I didn’t get the hint the first time)

We could do housework (hahahahahaha!)

We could eat – we just ate. (oh, right)

After a bit I started to get silly:

We could run around the neighborhood and play ding dong ditch

We could walk the dogs and let them poop on all the lawns

We could could open all the windows and…uh…be loud

We could debate the pros and cons of the sock/flip flop combo (admittedly, this one was an afterthought I just now thought of, but funny enough to add to the list)


So we started going through the list of friends we could possibly hang out with. So and so is working. So and so is out of town etc.

Eventually we left the house (and for the life of me I can’t remember where we ended up going) and I pondered on the concept of making friends as adults. How it seemed so much easier when we were kids when you could just compliment on a girls’ Hello Kitty pencil case while showing off your fancy new Rainbow Brite notebook (uh oh I think I just dated myself) and poof! you’re instant friends. The playground buddy, share your lunch, talk on the phone for 2 hours about absolutely nothing kind. I’m starting to wonder, should we ever move, how we would go about creating another circle of friends.

Bryan was looking at some temporary housing while in Florida and during his search came upon a few, shall I say,” interesting” postings looking for roommates. Most were normal, but my favorite involved the following quote: “reply with the word so I know you’re serious”

I….uh…..sorry, what?

So we joked about creating our own craigslist ad, but couldn’t quite figure out how to word it. 35 WM/29WF seeking another adult couple to have fun with, dounble date with, . (Dang double entendres!) Ahem, working couple seeking platonic relationship with another couple for occasional drink/coffee date/movie. Reply with “alphabet” if you’re serious. (hey, its a totally safe, random, non double-entendre-like word)

Maybe I’m better off complimenting a random girls’ purse and asking if they would like to be our friend, while trying to maintain a hopeful but not creepy-stalker kind of look.

Bonus if she has a Hello Kitty pencil case.

Perhaps we’ll just be going out alone. And will hopefully never move.

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