A few months ago when we thought we would be pursing the IVF route this Spring or Summer, I had a sit down with my boss. This couldn’t be avoided because I was going to need to ask for flexibility regarding my schedule as well as several days off. I was nervous about this conversation, but mostly because I was going to need up to a week off and I wasn’t going to be able to say exactly when until possibly less than 24 hours beforehand. I even explained the process of an IVF with the greatest of ease (or at least it felt that way).

A few days ago, we got the official go ahead to do an IUI cycle. We had talked about trying 2 more months naturally and then trying an IUI, but that would have meant it would fall right around my birthday. I decided I would rather enjoy my 30th birthday and have a couple glasses of wine (hey, you only turn 30 once) than concern myself wondering if I should drink because I could possibly maybe be pregnant. No thanks.

The start of my next cycle is still over 2 weeks away and nothing is going to happen until then, however, it meant I had to have another conversation with my boss to explain why I might need to take a couple of hours off with not much notice. Because he was already aware of our situation, I was hoping this would be a simple conversation where I could just say we had decided to try a slightly different route and that while I wasn’t going to need any full days off I would need some flexibility for ultrasounds. I was hoping to do this without any additional detail and be on my merry way.

So, I begin my conversation by saying that obviously we had not gone forward with the IVF as planned, but were going to try an IUI and so I would need possibly a few hours 2-3 times for the procedure and ultrasounds.

Then he asked me what an IUI was.

Now I’m not a shy person. I don’t  usually have issues talking about myself or using words that are in reference to the male/female reproductive system, even to men.

Him: So what’s an IUI?

Me: Well….basically the sp.erm are, like, inserted into……uh…so they still have to make the swim and fertilize and implant, but it bypasses….*awkward pause*…..the V (I used the whole word and said it as quickly as humanly possible) and straight into the cervix. It’s not as successful but it’s also less expensive.

Him: ok, well, just let me know.

Me: I will. Wish us luck.

I exit. I get into the car, and then I think OMG, I just said the word V to my boss. My male boss. Then I told him to wish us luck. *facepalm*

Well, you asked.


In other news, our floors are DONE, and they look FABULOUS! Pictures to come once we clean up the tornado that ran through the inside of our house and wipe the fine layer of sawdust from all of the hard surfaces.