Life throws lots of curveballs.

Fortunately, this is a positive one.

Bryan and I had discussed and agreed to get more information on the Barbados IVF. I had just faxed a record release yesterday asking our local clinic to sent our records to Barbados so we could have our phone consult and decide for sure when we wanted to try to go. All the while, he has diligently been taking his hormones prescribed by his endocrinologist, but after 4 less than fabulous SA’s – I didn’t expect this one to go any better, and honestly, I don’t think Bryan did either.

His sperm count is normal.

Yeah, you read that right, NORMAL.

36 million with 70% motility.

Holy crap.


After months of “IVF is your only option”, I’m not even sure what to do with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited, but I am also tired of waiting. It seems absolutely silly to jump into IVF right now, but I think I still need a deadline. I unfortunately tend to fall into the more realistic pessimistic category, thinking still of my PCOS ovaries, my blocked tube, and the ever elusive “unexplained infertility”.

In this case, too much knowledge and the start of yet another new cycle has killed my ability to be positive or excited at this point.

So we’re at yet another fork in the road. Do we keep trying naturally for awhile? Do we try an IUI? At this point I feel more like “put a fork in me, I’m done”.

I think I’ll just use the fork to eat some pie. Maybe a whole one.