Greetings ICLW’ers. I think its fabulous this months’ ICLW coincides with NIAW.  I love ICLW because it forces me out of my familiar blog shell to find other fabulous blogs I might have missed otherwise.

In our case , we will hit 3 years TTC this August (ugh). We are dealing with mild PCOS and male factor. DH is currently giving himself shots 3x a week of HCG, FSH and LH in hopes to improve sperm count. At this point we have enough (sperm) for IVF, which is something we’ve planned and put off a couple of times already due to other circumstances. At this point, we are seriously considering an IVF Vacation, because at least if it doesn’t work, we get a 2 week tropical vacation. (albeit the most expensive vacation ever)We are still trying to find out some details, but think that this is probably the way to go, even though it would postpone it for a few more months.

I wrote a semi awareness post a few weeks ago when I participated in the Analogy Project with my post Another Marathon, Metaphorically. I’m going to attempt to write several posts during this week including the theme “Dont Ignore Infertility”, however, I’ll probably end up with writers block with my luck.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂