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That is absolutely what I imagined in my head when I typed out my title.

Unfortunately, I don’t feel funky chicken funky. I feel….not myself funky. Like out of whack. Actually, I think the chicken above describes me quite well on a normal day, but lately I’ve felt like a funky chicken slightly drugged on sleeping pills or something…without actually taking any sleeping pills.

More than one thing could account for this. I haven’t run in almost 2 weeks, and while I’m still getting exercise, it just isn’t quite the same. Strangely though I don’t remember feeling like this when I tried it over the summer, but perhaps it’s because I hate running over the summer due to the intense humidity. (Running in a sauna? No thank you) I’ve also started getting up 30-45 minutes earlier 2-3 days a week to get to the gym before work, but all in all I just feel more tired and less motivated. I feel like my writing sucks and I can’t really get it together.

I took two naps today, though, and they were fabulous.

The weekend was a great one. I had a blast at a birthday party Friday night and it was nice to let myself hang loose for once.

And Bryan and I finally spent some gift cards we got for Christmas on some new knives. The old ones were starting to get chinks taken out of the metal, and at the risk of death I figured….better get new knives. We also got some new bathroom rugs, and decided to fork over an extra $50 to change up the bedroom a bit:

On a side note, I took a walk with a neighbor today and a couple of kids were playing in the driveway drinking KoolAid Bursts, and I had this strange desire to drive to the store and buy some, and some sidewalk chalk. Except I’m a horrible drawer. Ask anyone who plays me on Draw Something.

Anyone up for some jacks?

Normally I’d try to tie all this together and make it funny somehow, but its just not happening today. It’s been a nice, relaxing weekend, and I’m glad for that, but I hope I’ll feel more like the dancing chicken next week.