Everyone is familiar with these:

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Yes, I was one of those people who found the actual motivation posters to be, well, lame. But that? Is hysterical.

Recently I came across an Iphone app called “Motivational Poster” (which is free for a limited time!), which allows you to make your OWN motivational, or de-motivational posters on your phone, using your very own pictures.

At first I thought, eh, I might find this funny at some point so I’ll download it. I don’t take that many funny pictures anyway. But, while waiting between kids at work today, I started to scroll through  my photos, and I couldn’t resist.

I also kinda liked: SUPERMAN – his post retirement job was really shitty (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Also considered: PORTION CONTROL. Because I will EAT.THEM.ALL

Bryan has tried a juice diet several times. Truthfully, it doesn’t taste all that horrible, but to LOOK at it? It makes me think of drinking algae:

By now I’ve developed a bit of an obsession, scrolling through my photos searching for potential.

Last summer my parents and sister came to visit. We don’t have many family pictures together and its kinda difficult to get 5 people all smiling at the same time. Plus, when you have a total stranger taking the picture, it always feels rude to ask to re-take it 10 times. In all honesty, I like this picture, and think my mom looks fine, but every time she looks at it she says she hates it because she looks like a dork. So mom, this one is for you:

No explanation needed:

I haven’t gotten quite creative enough to figure out how to work infertility into this, but trust me, it’s coming.

(That’s what she said.)