This race has become one of my favorites. I happened upon it one year while training with a group for a 10k and have done it each year since then (for a total of 3 years so far). It supports a really great cause, has kick butt shirts (I’m a huge fan of any race that gives away long sleeved shirts), good food at the end and cool prizes if you happen to win something.

What it supports, though, is really the coolest part: organ and tissue donation. Many of the participants are those who have had an organ donated to them.

The lady to the right (and many others) participated in the run in dedication to a donor.  Hers says: my donors who gave me sight. My donors loving families.

Hers was one of many. Some were fortunate enough to be living donors, but most had suffered a tragedy, lost their lives, and donated their organs to someone who needed them.

The race itself has been hosted at James Island County Park for the last several years. Before we took off, a sabre line stood a woman who beautifully sang the National Anthem.

Before and after crowds of people gathered around to mingle and play cornhole.

It was not my finest race. I started out strong, but unfortunately mother nature decided it was time to interfere and bombarded me with cramps and a backache halfway through. At mile two I was at 14:37 but had a really slow third mile and my final time was 23:05. All things considered, though, and no thanks to my body and this particular time of the month, I did ok 🙂

Finish line?  Yes please!

After the race, a bagel and a change of clothes (thank goodness for the jeans I had in my car), they began the ceremony. Normally I’m more annoyed by this because I’m competitive and just want to know if  I won one of those nice medal over there. Because usually its just thanks everyone for coming blah de blah de blah. At this race though, two sets of families come up and tell their stories. One shared their experience donating the organs of their lost loved one and the other their experience of receiving an organ from someone else.

It was very touching.

And yes, I won a medal 🙂 And a 20$ gift certificate to Dicks Sporting Goods! Woot!

I definitely plan to keep running that race in the future. How can you not?

Now, for those of you who I just KNOW have been waiting with bated breath regarding my IVF decision (HA):

My cycle started this morning, right on time, with quite a vengence. 1000mg of ibproufen in 6 hours and 2 hours under a heating pad was still rendering me in pain….and crabby. Bryan gave me a muscle relaxer which basically put me to sleep for 2 more hours and then I left go play a softball scrimmage all loopy.

That tidbit was more for amusement purposes than anything else.

I’ve decided to wait. Instead of starting the cycle now with a transfer in mid-April, we are going to start the cycle around the end of April with a transfer in mid-June. Miracle endo gets two cycles to prove his miracle drug worthy, but probably regardless of sperm count at that time no natural pregnancy = we are doing IVF. It’s two cycles. I’ll keep busy, run a few short races, play a season of softball and demand a weekend away using the timeshare. That and save money.

Although I want this more than anything, preferably YESTERDAY, I finally succumbed to the logic that waiting another couple of months isn’t going to prove to be detrimental, and keeping in mind that we will still go through with it in April should help keep my emotions at bay when my period inevitably shows up.

I am keeping my faith that this two month wait will be worth it. Remind me of that when, in two days (or two hours) I wonder what the hell I was thinking.