A couple of days ago I was working on figurative language with one of my kiddos. In trying to explain the concept, I gave him an example to fill in the blank, to see if he understood.

I run as fast as a ……”barefooted jackrabbit running through the desert!”

Maybe he DOES get it.

I ran my first post marathon race today – the first annual Ashley Ridge Foxtrot 5k, chosen mostly because of its’ proximity to my house. I talked running buddy Lynnsey into running this one with me.

we are awesome

I was more excited to learn that not only did I get a card for a free chick fil a chicken sandwich in my race packet, but that we also got a free chicken biscuit after the race. *drool*AND, the chick fil a cow was there. (yes, I love chick fil a)

The race itself was ok. It was three laps around the high school, part of it off road and I found it a bit hard to keep my footing. For the first race it was decently organized, and while I wasn’t super thrilled with the lap idea, the chicken biscuit made it totally worth it.

this is why we run

And of course, we had to get a picture with the cow

I am a cool kid

I am a cool kid too

We are in our late twenties going on ten.

The winner of the race was TWELVE, finishing in 18 minutes and 29 seconds.

I think he’s the jackrabbit.

I’m not complaining though. I haven’t hit my goal mark yet, but I was the third female to finish, won first in my age group, and PR’d at 22:11ish. Plus I won a free burrito at Moe’s during the raffle.

Run+friend+chickfila+PR+medal+future free Moe’s burrito + WIN.

I may not be a jackrabbit, but I get a medal!

Up next: Gift of Life 5k on February 25