January has been a busy month for us.

When Christmas came around with a “special” present from AF in 2011, hubby and I  had a long talk and decided it was time to press forward with IVF.  With the theme in mind that 2012 is the year for babies,we met with our RE on Friday the 13th(ha), which you can read about here.

The very next day, I ran my second full marathon, which, even though I’ve done one before, felt like a huge accomplishment. I will keep running until I’m told not to, but won’t be training for big races anytime soon, as we have decided to go through with the IVF in April. I just got some bloodwork taken, will be on Metformin for about 5 weeks, and we’ll start the process in late February, hopefully transferring our child in mid to late April. It was both an easy and a difficult decision, which I’m sure you all understand. Infertility is expensive, but the alternative to not trying is turning out to be more costly than I would have originally guessed. 

So here we are, two AF visits away from staring what will hopefully be the first and only IVF cycle, and allow us to finally become parents.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’ll stick around!