A mere few days ago I posted about my weekend watching a full work days’ worth of TV and contemplating how I, usually is so active that I don’t sit still well, could stare at a Television for a full 8+hours, regardless of how entertaining the show might be.

This weekend again I had a plan to run my 8 miles, meet a friend for lunch and finally get the carpet cleaning done, among other things.

I had good intentions, and this time it wasn’t my fault.

Last night Bryan and I went to Applebee’s to use a gift card I had gotten for Christmas and run a couple of errands. Upon returning home, my stomach began to hurt. Great. Just Great. Hoping to sleep it off, Bryan gave me a phynergan and I went to bed.

No such luck. Something in that food didn’t agree with me, and I was up multiple times during the night. He gave me another phynergan in the morning. What I didn’t know was that it causes grogginess and drowsiness, so my view for the majority of the day looked alot like this:

(hello, back of my eyelids)

With the exception of waking up for a few minutes at a a time, I slept for 19 hours.

And I thought the TV watching was bad.

Here’s hoping I feel better for my run tomorrow. But if I don’t I’m gonna skip it. With race day 7 days away, I want to be recovered, not sick.

(Also, apologies for the horribly boring post, I’m still kinda groggy)